Friday, July 6, 2007

Midsummer DayDream

This post is by Poppins of BabiesAnon

Bangalore has only three seasons, cool, warm, unpredictable! Summer this year was very hot but lasted only all of two months. It's raining now and some days are so darn depressing. Especially with an active toddler at home. Ever since I saw this theme for July, I started thinking about significant summers. Should I write about the hot sleepy summers I spent in a vilage in Kerala as a kid? Or about the out-all-day-and-night summers during my Engineering study holidays? Nah.

I don't have any special memories of a summer with poppin yet. So I thought why not create some?

I took a day off this week because my MIL had some pressing work. It's been a while since I took the day off when neither poppin nor me were sick. Plus I didn't have any chores to finish. In order to take full advantage of my unexpected time with poppin, I decided to do some special things with her. This would also be a step towards making some fun memories and record them someplace.

We're members of a neighborhood club that also has a park attached to it. So I decided that we would do a picnic in the wooded area of the park,(Tharini style) and then perhaps swimming and lunch at the club.

Nothing special to that really. I've done all of the above, not necessarily at the same time. What was going to make it special was my attitude towards it. This was a special day I was spending with poppin, I would dress up, dress her up, we would walk down to the park without a care in the world and just focus on having fun.

Unfortunately, the maid played truant that day and while waiting for her, poppin got hungry. So I had to feed her lunch at home. All hope was not lost though. So what if we could not do a picnic? We would still do the park, the usual rides that we do. Except that this time, I would take my camera along so that I have some pictures to put on this blog ! Talk about composing posts in my mind !

So I put her into a white summery dress, packed snacks, water, swim clothes for me and her, and a change of clothes incase of an accident. We walked down to the park at 11 AM in the morning. On a week day. Ah the bliss ! She was excited as always to be outside the house. Fortunately the Bangalore weather too cooperated by being on its best behavior. It was warm but not hot, and there were clear blue skies. Perfect weather for pictures.

We did a lot of rides, the swings, the slides and the trees. We giggled and played catch and generally had a wonderful time.

Poppin was already in her best mood and having a great day. I decided to up the happiness quotient by suggesting swimming ! She was so darn excited, this girl takes to water like a cliched fish. We've been taking her swimming ever since she was eight months old. So we changed in the locker room and jumped into the toddler pool where poppin splashed and drank (ugh) the chlorinated water to her heart's content.

When I decided that she had enough, I dragged her out of the pool while she longingly looked at it. We then headed to the restaurant/lounge in the club. Here's where the child started to show her true colours. She ran all around the restaurant and entered the lounge/bar area too. And yelled at the top of her voice every time I pulled her back to the seat.

Fortunately, the restaurant was not too crowded and the waiters were indulgent. One of them even did a tinkling of the beer mug with a spoona-la 'Ruk Jaa Oh Dil Deewane' from DDLJ. After she had charmed the pants off most of the people there, and had a bit of curd rice, we walked back home for a well deserved afternoon nap.

I should do this more often. Thank you DMC for an excuse for photo-op !

A version of this post with more photos is up at my blog


Asha said...

She is so cute!! I think she is having a great summer with cute little dress!:))
Oh poor you! Maid played truant and you HAD TO feed the kid!!Hahaha!
We the people here in great US of A don't have the luxury of maids and HAVE TO feed our kids everyday on our own whether we like it or not dear girl!;D
It's very hot here these day,some parts of US has reached 114F!Be cool there and enjoy.
Thanks for this article Poppin's mom.Have a great weekend:))

smdatta said...
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Sandeepa said...

I am still lurking and am on a self imposed blogging break but this sounded so much fun I could not resist myself. You gave me ideas. I am going to do something similar maybe then, and yes on a week day, to make it more special.
Thanks a lot and heres to many more fun days to come

Poppins said...

@Asha: The maid DOES NOT feed poppin, she does not even touch her! She was supposed to come do the housework :)

Poppins said...

@Sandeepa, yay ! Let us know if it goes well...

indosungod said...

These unexpected days of pleasure with the kids is worth that much more than the planned vacations any day. It was nice reading your fun in the park with Poppins. Wishing you many more. Hugs to little Poppins for her good behavior. When you expected her to behave at the restaurant you were asking for a little too much :)

Poppins said...

@indosungod: Yeah I know :) Thanks for the hugs, shall pass them on..:)