Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pick your Own...

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Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven -- Tagore

Seeing Chandrika’s post made me do this. Yes, finally. I had a yearning to take little S to the orchards where she can get to “pick her own” fruits. Not that that would make her eat all her fruits with a glee but just because she would know that fruits grew on trees and not in Shop Rite. With my tomato and beans and okra (last year) plants she has got the hang of where they come from but she was yet to see a fruit laden tree from where you could pluck them. So since I couldn’t grow a fruit tree in my backyard I thought the best would be to take her to the orchards

Last week was pretty hectic with some unexpected but very welcome guests popping in and staying with us for the better part of the week. The guest was my friend with her 4 year old en route to India who had to stop and spend time at my place due to some messed up travel plan. Since it was summer but the heat was not overbearing we took the kids to an orchard near my home. The strawberry season was over and the peaches were just ripening to be picked, so peaches it was.

The rows and rows of peach trees were laden with fruits, there was fruit hanging from all possible branches and the kids had a fun time plucking them and plonking them in the basket. They ran through the trees, hung on the delicate branches (you are not really allowed to do that) and had a general good time.

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Little hands picking the fruit

I would suggest a trip to these orchards a very good way to entertain your kids during summer. Its relaxing, exhilarating and reminds you of the days when you would climb up the guava tree and get a bunch of green guavas in the nook of your long A line frock.

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Luscious Peaches

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Kay said...

Sandeepa, What a wonderful time, it must have been! :) with kids squealing with joy and running amok... I can imagine how it must have been.

Asha said...

It's a pure joy to visit these "Pick your own" orchards.Bet S had great fun:))

Dee said...

Oh ..I can't wait to do this with Chintu! We have blueberry and strawberry farms here that are open for 'picking' during Spring. Waiting for Chintu to turn 2 so he can enjoy it better...

Kodi's Mom said...

nice pictures and a nicer initiative..must do this!

SJ said...

Sandeepa, what a coincidence. I just took A berry picking too. Of course it only occurred to me after seeing thos page that it would have made a very good post. I must admit, it was my first time too and both A and I loved it. You've got some lovely photos.

Nabeel said...

the fruits look safe behind the leaves, as if they were covering 'em .. protecting them.