Monday, July 30, 2007

Sleeping prince!

A post about A's sleeping habits ....

My (almost 3) son A, slept in his room in his cot from month one. A+ and me , both were quite comfortable and guiltfree in taking this decision. It was going fine. In the begining, I used to roam/walk in his room and put him to sleep. We both loved this part and things were just fine till the time when I was terribly down with chicken pox for one week. (me being one of those few unfortunate people who did not have pox in my was AWFUL !!) During this phase, A+ was totally at a loss..with so many things to help..small baby...sick wife...and he STOPPED this roaming-before-sleep-business..he says HAD to and I understand!
When I finally came out of this pox thing after a week , I was super amazed to find A being just PUT in bed after dinner ...and he was falling asleep on HIS OWN!! So after giving his milk around 8:00, he slept and we had some time to just laze on the sofa staring at the idiot box!
and the bliss continued......
till ...tilll...till....
I started feeling that the cot was too small for him now ( I am sure i heard him hit the sides at night)..and we must move him to a proper size bed! A+ kept on saying " its ok...he is not getting hurt..because he is not be cool D...things will automatically move forward as he grows..." . But I was in one of my "super-mom" the end result ??..a new bed came....the cot was packed off...and H-O-I-L-A!!
NO!!!..things did not happen as I dreamt of.. A refused to sleep in his new bed! ABSOLUTE REFUSAL!! no room for any discussion.........he started sleeping with big disadvantage of our master bed is that its actually two beds joined together with separate lifting mechanisms with all sorts of motors etc underneath(where the beds can be lifted for reading positions, for body massage etc) we were a bit scared to have A in between...anyway, changes were made by deactivating the move mechanism and stuffing the tiny gap with all sorts of bed sheets etc...
A was very happy...and slept on peacefully!! We were happy too in a way....but did not want to make this a habit. [ Most discussions ended in a way when A+ would have that "I told you so"looks ....]

We kept the "beautifying-the-bed" thing on.......

Now, as of today....things have changed a bit...A sleeps in his room (I go to bed with him)...but around 2:30 am he comes walking to our room with his winnie(pooh) and mac-queen(CARS) and his pillow !!When I take him to bed, I have the intention of putting him to sleep and coming back to my bed... I tell him a story..(he usually loves the story of Nemo or CARS)...and then kiss him goodnight and lie by his side...he keeps playing for a while and then falls asleep...but but then the mama is snoring off to glory too ..all her intentions down the drain....
when the mama wakes up, its around 1:00 am..she sleepily walks to her bed...tries to fall asleep takes some time...around 2:00 she manages to fall asleep only to be awoken by the sleepy A (WITH his family pooh, cars, etc etc)....10 mins....all settled...15 mins later I try to turn on my side and CRUUUUNNNCH...there goes the small hot wheels cars under my back....

life goes on...............We love every moment of it............

To end with two positive points:
1. When I open my eyes...the prince smiles at me and gives me the hug-of-the-day!
2. Everyone tells me..with age the prince will start loving his room and that will give us the 8 hrs sleep we love!



Asha said...

WOW!! What a story,loved reading it and all the memories came back!:))
Trisha moved out of our bed at 3 too,six mnts later we bought her a "big girl's" bed!:D
He will be alright.We all have to go thu' all that sleepless nights and half sleep nights as parents and one day like me,you will smile at all the memories!:))
Enjoy dr. Sorry to hear about your chicken Pox,it's little embarrassing to get it when we are adults but what can you do?;D
Glad you are alright now.Take care.

SJ said...

Sorry to hear about your chicken Pox. No suggestions for you but a question to you and all the other Moms that have gone through this stage.
I am thinking of moving A (my 2 and a half year old) into her own room. Now I have a single bed for her, but sounds like I'll be spending most of my nights in her bed for a while... have many of you got double beds for the child's room so the child and a parent can sleep there or do you just rought it out till the child adjusts?

Roopa said...

wow what a story loved reading! this is all in the phase i believe. Good that you are spending time to put him to bed again. sorrry about your chicken pox.

Sandeepa said...

Great Story DR :) A is amazing to have slept so nicely on his own for all these days.
I am sure he read this blog about all other Mamas moaning about their kids pathetic sleeping habits and decided to give you a taste too :)

Ok but would love to see a pic of your WOW bed with all those motors. I don't think I have seen one. Europe does have cool stuff. Does it cost a LOT ?

Sandeepa said...

Buy a bunk bed. Good for you, A and the next A junior too :) :)

Kay said...

:) What a cute story! Sorry to hear about the chickenpox... and that too, with a small child in the house, I can't imagine how it must have been. I'm glad you are ok now.

I have a feeling that at the rate at which my DD is going, we'll have a long time before we buy a bed of her own.

DR said...

thanks for the courage you give! I know time flies and all these sweet complains are gone before you realize it..

I personally dont think that getting a double bed is a good idea. that will make this sleeping arrangement look more its better to squeeze in the normal single bed and then sneak out when she is asleep [I am trying this currently]

its true that A had very good sleeping habits till now..chicken pox deserves all the credit!! offcourse A+ too.. ;-)

WOW bed? Cool stuff in europe? you must be kidding...US has THE luxuries..thats what I hear.. have just been to US once for office work , so have not seen much of it.

its called AUPING bed..its available all over the world.i think. check
the bed of the bed curves when you press some buttons..and really gives a nice feel if you have a stiff back or something..

when it was new..all buttons were regularly after A , I just need to touch my head to the pillow and off I go! no buttons needed!!!!!!