Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Inputs requested for Project YehiSahi

A mail I received yesterday. Haven't checked out the site yet but intend to do so soon. I think we at Desi Momz Club can help by giving inputs, what say ? Looks like an interesting project, if you think so please give your inputs at their site.

Dear ...,

We, at the Incubation Centre of SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai, are working on a project to help young parents create a stimulating and fun home environment for their children and help them spend quality time with their children.

For this purpose, we have 2 things line up (So Far).

1. An interactive session on "How to spend quality time with your children?". This is specially designed for young working couples. The tone of the session has been kept very empathetic. Its along the lines of "how to make the most of what you get?"

2. A service to help parents obtain age appropriate toys, books, cds etc. ( )

What we need right now is feedback from parents about our offerings and what else would they like to see from us.

It would be really great if desimomz could contribute to this project by giving their inputs.In return, we can link your blogs to our website and drive more traffic to your blogs.Also if (and after) you find our attempt honest, we would be glad to put paid links on your blogs.

Giving feedback would be very easy, as we have a "we are listening" section on our website.Please let me know if you can think of someway of working together. (For your reference, i am also sending a brief about our team)

Look forward to your response


Arpit Agrawal,

Founder-Director, YehiSahi.


Asha said...

Young kids and working moms!! I am out!! HeHe!!
Seriously,If you think it's okay I am sure there are plenty of moms here to contribute.Just be little cautious and be sure whom you are dealing with,that's all.

Saheli said...

Doesn't hurt to have the DMC link on their website. Other moms (or dads) can come and read or contribute to the discussions.
As far as having their links(paid) on our personal blogs is up to the individuals.

swapna susarla said...

WOW sandeepa
This was really great dear!!thanks for shring this!