Monday, August 20, 2007

Neo-natal teeth? Do u know anything?

This post is written by Ramya of Aromas of My Food.

First Hi to All. It's been long i wrote a post here. These days i am a little busy with everything except blogging. Pleas forgive me. Coming to the post i am writing i don't know where to start.

Does Anyone know about Neonatal teeth? Have anyone experienced them (with ur kids or u or anyone u know) ? If u have any information please tell me.

This is all regarding my daughter. She got her first teeth which r considered as neonatal or natal teeth 9 days after her birth.The doc in India suggested to take them off. First i was reluctant to touch them thinking how can we do that to such a tiny little girl who is hardly 2kg (5lb) and so tiny to touch. And mostly we shouldnot give her pain poor little baby. Then after 4 or 5 days one tooth grew long and soft like gums moved a little resulting blood pouring out. Startled by the scene and not knowing what to do went to dentist and made the hanging teeth pulcked away (well after consulting pediatrician). They did it easily and my little one forgot very soon. Not even cried. She is happy. then to my nightmares came another one. it was there for 1 week. I thought this was ok so no need to bother her. then it sarted to hurt her tongue and she unable to drink her milk. The next morning i took her to dentist again he checked it and told it already moved half way and ready to comeout. findin no way out we even took that out. they were placed on top like some had glued them.Here plucking means not with tweesers but using cotton and hand itself as they moved already. After that my baby was happy.

Now After nearly 2 yrs she is not getting the teeth those r removed. What i learned from my own search for this is they r not sure that they r gonna come again. If u have 3 sets of teeth she may get or else she won't till she gets her permanent teeth. I am very much worried about this maybe this is taking a toll on her speaking skills. till now it's fine and she got all the other teeth. But i am not sure she is going to get her teeth until she reached 6 or 7 yrs. but i had no other chance.

Any dentists in this club or anyone experienced please help me out.

We r trying to take dental insurance here. so i can take her to a dentist. Till now we waited but no more.

Here u can find some info regarding this link. My daughters looked similar to the photo but they r mobile and sitting on the top.


Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub) said...

Don't know about this Ramya. Shall ask around though.
Did you ask the doctor if this would hamper her speech development ? The ped would know best

Ramya said...

yha i have and even worried about her speech development. now should consult a dentist.

Roopa said...

don't know ramya. As sandeepa said Ped should be able to advice you.

indosungod said...

Ramya, I have heard that the teeth that come in when the babies are just born or a few weeks old needs to be removed, they would have fallen out if you did not I guess.

Kay said...

Like Indo said, I've also read that these teeth HAVE to be removed else there's a big danger of the baby swallowing them and getting choked. You did the right thing, Ramya, by getting her teeth removed.

I'll see what I can find about this.

Sandeepa said...

One more question. You know, many times if a toddler gets hurt in the mouth and breaks a tooth, it needs to be removed. Even in that case the tooth does not come back until 6-7 years. Though your daughter's case is different, the end result is same -- lost tooth that will not come out until the next stage
So, the dentist will surely have a solution for your problem. Try finding one or rather ask your ped to refer you to a good one

Kay said...

This might be a good place to search

Btw, every case is different - so don't worry about speech impairment and no teeth appearing till she's 6-7 yrs old.. Best thing is to consult a pediatric dentist. A normal dentist might not know much about the teeth of children.

Ramya said...

Hi roopa,Indosungod,Sandeepa, kay,

Thank u for ur responses.I too am considering a dentist but need to take dental insurance so we r on ur way. And my ped reffered a ped dentist also.but just i want to know if any one has this problem.Now as she is talking but not getting them takes time though.