Monday, August 20, 2007

Piano lessons anyone ?

Quick question:

What is a good age to start piano lessons ?

How to get a teacher ?

What are the rates ? I found one who says $25 for 30 min, isn't that too expensive ?

Kay, I remember you had suggested a music class your daughter/friend's kid go to. Can you please post the URL.


indosungod said...

Sandeepa, DD1's piano teacher (he is 80 yrs old and retired couple of months ago ; I am still hunting for a good replacement) suggested that a good time to start Piano lessons is when they know all the alphabets and can also count. DD1 started when she was a little over 4.

Try Academy of Music, Music Arts there are the schools in our area, $25 - 35 for 30min sounds like the going rate from what I have heard. One teacher asked for $65/ 45 min and said it was summer discount and she was going to teach on a keyboard!

Ask moms in your daughter's class, they are usually a good resource. Try Music stores, they also have a list of music teachers.

Kay said...

Me? Or is it Cee Kay?

The only music class I know is - not really a music class but to get infants/babies/toddlers to appreciate music... A friend's recommendation!

Saheli said...

In our area too the rate is $25/half hr. I have seen kids as young as 3 in piano classes.
I think Indosungod has covered it all - other moms and music stores are the best resources.

DR said...

Hi Sandeepa,
I started at 32! kidding....

Now that the piano is in and its not going to stay a showpiece, poor A MUST learn piano...not much choices to be offered to him..

jokes apart, I know a kid who started at 3.5 yr..


Sandeepa said...

Indo, Saheli
Thanks, so that rate is ok then. Some of my friends (not in my area) had piano lessons which are less expensive, but this is all I can find in my town

Yes, yes you :)

Thats a good age to start :) And actually it must be great. One of my friends use to learn it along with her daughter and that helped her daughter too.

But my sense of music is terrible, so I dare not even try

MahaVishnu said...

My son started learning violin at age 5. When he turned 5, we told him, he could have one after school activity and out of all the choices, he chose violin ( Western Classical) . The rates are similar to what you've heard. This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for, I believe.
One piece of advice (unsolicited as it is :)though, do not put them in music lessons unless they beg for it. It is no fun running after them to ask/beg/threaten them to practice their lessons. And without practice, it would be hard earned money down the drain. I've seen this happen.

GettingThereNow said...

My daughter started at age 5. I think 5 or later is a good age to start because music instruction does need a little bit of discipline (in practising).

$25 is a good rate compared to the prices we pay here in CT. They start from $33 here.

As for finding a teacher /institute, I think one good way is to ask around. Ask people you know, friends etc. Someone is bound to know someone whose kids take music lessons. That way you can also ask how satisfied they are with the instruction.