Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ramya for you on Neo-natal teeth....

Rajasree sent a e-mail to Desi Momz Club after reading Ramya's post. She could not post a comment so she mailed.

It was so very kind of her to do so, that I am reproducing her mail as a post rather than a comment. Thank You Rajasree

Dear Administartors of Desi Momz Club

I could not post a comment to the post "Neo-natal teeth ? Do you knowanything"Even I couldnot find a email id in Ramya's blog,so writing here , sorry if Iam causing inconvinience.

Comment :My 3 year old was born with a tooth( the lower middle one ), even one of my cousin's son had a tooth since birth .I am in US , my paediatrician hadrecommended to remove it , beacuse of a possible choking hazard , but as thetooth was not loose , I didn't and the tooth is still there .My cousin's sonhad his tooth removed and there is a gap , doctor has told that he will gettooth at that place when the kid gets his permanent teeth .

So do not worry, its not very unusual.Hope this helps.Anyways do get it checked with a paediatric dentist.-

Rajasre eend comment

About me -I am a SAHM of two kids , i enjoy reading the posts at DMC.If itis ok , please send the comment to Ramya.Thanks


Ramya said...

Rajsree Thank u for leaving a comment for me dear.

swapna susarla said...

Hi Rajshree
so kind of u.