Thursday, August 16, 2007

Say Cheese!

Hi Moms!

I am not a great photographer, but I love taking photos. I guess what I lack in quality, I make up in quantity :-) I have thousands of digital photos of my daughter - I am huge fan of picasa and use it to organise them, etc I'd love feedback from other moms on how they save and organize their photos. Do you create backups on CDs, hard drives, DVDs (someone told me they last longer than CDs)

Also coming to videos - my camera has a video option which I use (far more often than I have ever used my camcorder). Mainly since I always keep my camera handy and also because picasa makes it easy to view the videos. So far I have been shooting clips of 5-8 min at a time, so this works fine. Yes, the quality of video is not as good as with a comcorder, but this works better for me because.... now here is my problem...

I have not been able to download videos from my panasonic camcorder to my computer. I would love what software/hardware you girls use to do this... a friend of mine at work says she has bought a DVD recorder, they connect the camcorder to the TV and as they view the pic on TV they record to a DVD. What do most of you do? or do you now care of the only copy is on the mini-DV tapes and not on your hard drive?


Asha said...

OYYY!!! I am running the opposite way!! These are all Arvind's department. He does save on DVDs, I know that.How? No clue but I love Picasa too,I save all my foodies photos there.From time time ,I save them all in a CD writer just in case.
I hope others can help you sj, good luck. Have a great weekend:)

Sandeepa said...


We plug in our camcorder to the comp and record and burn the video on the DVD

Ok actually D does all this :)

He uses Sonic software and also your comp needs to have a firewire port for this.

Google for Sonic MyDVD software and check if you have a firewire port. I not you need to ge these

Sandeepa said...

About the photos. Again D saves all family photos on a DVD. You can just burn them if your comp has a DVR Writer

He doesn't do this for my foodie photos though. Good point you reminded. I should save them too :)

Sandeepa said...
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Sandeepa said...

This is what Wiki says about FireWire

"Almost all modern digital camcorders have included this connection since 1995. Many computers intended for home or professional audio/video use have built-in FireWire ports including all Apple, Sony laptop computers and most Dell and HP models currently produced"

So you should have it. If not you can buy it as a PCI card.

How do you know your comp has FireWire ?
Go to Control Panel and check Hardware in the System.
Something like IEEE 1394 should be listed ( I am not very sure about this but I think this is the interface name )

To copy the video as well as the photos to DVD you need a DVD writer in your comp and also a software. We use Sonic MyDVD as said. But there are some freeware available too

SJ said...

Hi Asha, Sandeepa thanks for your feedback!

Sandeepa, I know my laptop does not have a firewire port though the camcorder does :-( Both A and I use our work laptops for everything - our personal laptop is so ancient it would probably be wiser to upgrade it in entirety than get the firewire port. I'll check out SonicMyDVD - thanks for the heads up on this.

Looks like for now I am stuck as is till I upgrade my hardware.

SJ said...

I guess what I wanted to do was to plug in the camcorder to the comp, but doesn't seem to be a way till I get a firewire port on the comp.

Sandeepa said...


You can still get the firewire, you know get a PCI card and put it in the PCI slot.
This is what we did for our comp.

Dee said...

I'll mail you the details of the products I use later today,.

Rashmi Banthia said...

I use shutterfly to store my son's pictures (15 month old). So far I have organized them by month. I try to keep a backup on a CD. Unfortunately I haven't taken many videos (like you said - camcorder is not handy). I have a canon camcorder and use the firwire port to transfer videos on to my computer. Good luck!

Archana, mama of twins said...

I have select stuff on Picasa for my blogs, then a copy of it on my regular hard drive, then I backup everything on my HD onto my Samsung 80gig external hard drive once a month. I have heard too many stories of HD failing that I dont take a chance with my precious photos.

Videos - I have a SONY DVD Camcorder that tapes directly onto Mini-dvds (~20 min) and we do nothing with it. Just stick into our computer or dvd player and watch. I purposely bought something "easy" so I dont have to mess with the transfer etc. we dont video as much as I take photos and we are happy with this.

Hope this helps,