Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theme For September

ISG chose a *hot* theme for August -- SAHM or WM?
That was a great topic and a tough act to follow!
What better than to take ISG's weather idea and run with it?

With autumn advancing, little chill in the mornings and maple trees just beginning to turn, I thought about this for a theme:

Back To School!

Do you have school-aged kids?

I sent my baby girl to her sophomore year of high school today, and on Monday will send my firstborn off to sophomore year of college; where has the time gone?!? As many Septembers as we’ve done this, I still feel that tiny twinge of bittersweet tugging at my heart… nostalgic longing for the little ones they once were, but more, immense pride in the young adults they have become.

One thing we moms all have in common -- sending our children to school can be a little traumatic for everyone involved — the young scholar, Mom and Dad, even a younger sibling left at home. This is especially true if we're sending our baby off for the first time! As a veteran of many “back-to-school” days, I can tell you that no matter how frightening it may seem to watch your little one toddle out into the big wide world, their joy in sharing their accomplishments with you, and your delight in them will soon erase any fears. It gets easier as time goes on, but you, too, may feel that little twinge tugging at your heart.

Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and aspirations for your kids as we send them “back to school”.

Also, if you take photos of the ‘first day’ like I always do, feel free to share those as well, if you’re comfortable with that! (Photos are ok with the administrators — I already checked with Sandeepa although I think she wanted me to post a pic of my classic PB-and-J sandwich!).

Here are my kids on their respective 'first days', way back when they were just babies, "toddling off" :)

If your kids aren't yet school-aged, or if they're grown and gone, feel free to share your thoughts regardless. Likewise, if you home-school, please share that with us as well. Or perhaps we have some teachers among us... everyone's thoughts are welcome! No hard and fast rules -- it's all about learning and watching our little ones grow :)

I look forward to reading your ideas, and thanks Sandeepa, for the chance to post a Theme of the Month :)


Sandeepa said...

That is indeed a great theme. My daughter is in Pre-K this year but even that transition made me all misty eyed yesterday, you know saying bye to her prev class teacher and all that.
Loved those cute snaps of your kids and yes where is the PBJ :) ?

indosungod said...

Linda, what a nice theme! DD2 is starting school in a couple of weeks, DD1 went to a new school.

Kay said...

Yeah, where is the PBJ? :) You cant tell us it's a classic and leave us all hanging in there, Linda.

A wonderful theme for school going September.

My li'l one is too young to goto school so I'll be in the cheering squad, this month.

Tharini said...

Nice topic Linda. Those pictures were so utimately cute. I can just imagine how far back it must have taken you.! Seems like a lightyear away from where I am. Time is racing against itself. Will tackle this time after the Labour Day Weekend.

Mansi Desai said...

Hmm...I'm not a mom yet but I can already feel the excitement that parents feel!!! this is a nice club here:) and the theme is just wonderful. who doesn't love to go down memory lane???