Saturday, September 1, 2007

August has passed ....

Linda has a great theme for this month Back To School!. The scramble to get everything in order, the alarms that stop working, the school bus being missed, the argument over lunch, the list is endless. It will be fun to see what members come up with.

I want to thank everyone for participating and sharing ideas for the August Theme SAHM Vs WM. It was an interesting exchange of ideas for sure. One of the most surprising aspects at least for me is each posters comfort and satisfaction with the choice they have made. It has been a healthy discussion and we come away with a greater realization and understanding of different viewpoints and should try our hardest to respect them.

We all agree that SAHM Vs WM is not one versus the other rather each one's most comfortable way of getting there. "It is meant not to mean what Plaintiff Vs Defendant would mean rather travelling by Plane Vs Travelling by Train, means to the same end." And Tharini summed it up nicely "May we all get there, in this life, without too much heartache...."

We also realize and should never forget the fact, that for a majority of moms in this world There is no Choice...

Here is some food for thought, an article from Yahoo Finance - To Raise Baby Einsteins, TLC Will Suffice

Thanks everybody and have a great weekend.


Sandeepa said...

Good article. Baby Einstein was quite a craze when S was born and we had also got a pack of 4 as a gift :)
I liked watching them though, my only entertainment at that time and maybe helped increase my IQ, did nothing for S though :)

The branding is really a big thing here. I just hope yes hope that the Barbie craze does not catch on at my home

mummyjaan said...

Thanks for emphasizing that the vast majority of mums have no choice but to work. And leave babies in charge of older siblings (common scenario in India).

I read the article that you linked to. It's amazing how many things we as parents can get caught up in without stopping to question them and use our own common sense.

Common sense would dictate that what a baby needs most is time with his/her trusted caregiver. But no, we need a study to tell us that :-). Einstein didn't need Baby Einstein CD's to become Einstein! I'm sure I can say the same of most of the world's famous, brainy people :)

I better get off the pc because I'll end up posting a garbled message, courtesy 10 tiny little fingers here in addition to my own!