Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do it yourself halloween costumes

I was looking at making halloween costumes and came across this site. It has instructions for the most beautiful costumes ever... And so easy to make.

I love this one particularly - the ladybug one. :)

and the blue butterfly.

I'd love to make one for my li'l one next year. (we'll be on an India trip this year) Anybody else making halloween costumes this year?


Tharini said...

Kay...excellent post. And one that's really got me thinking big time. Never thought of DIY for Halloween. And with a sewing machine lying arnd unused, this might be just the thing to dig my teeth into. Haven't fully browsed the site. Will get back to you.

Asha said...

My kids always bought their's until last year.This year nobody wants to go "Trick or Treating" because they are "too old" for begging!!:D
Enjoy your trip to India.

swapna susarla said...

Hi kay
Thanks for the info!!!and have a jolly vacation in India!!!

Sheela said...

Kay, you've got me hyperventilating:-) As you know, I sew a lot... but haven't decided on a costume for Ana this year, hence the hyperventilation...

last year, we took the easy way out: she went to daycare dressed as a witch - will post a photo in my blog soon - black turtleneck onesie, black tights, but, I sewed a black+orange skirt and black pointy hat to complete the outfit, and gave her a toy broom to boot :-)

Kay said...

Tharini, I have a sewing machine lying around too, begging me to use it... Sometimes I feel guilty for having the machine and a stash bigger than I can use... I guess I'll get to it sometime soon. :)

Thanks Asha, LOL :) To a mom, her children are always kids. soon they'll be busy with haloween mascarade parties.

Thanks Swapna.. Cant wait to go home. :) Need a vacation big time.

That was a very smart thing to do, Sheela! :) I get inspired by all things that you've sewn... Do post a picture of Ana dressed up as the witch. I'd love to see that one.

Sandeepa said...

Those are so cute. I am very bad at sewing, so I don't know if this is doable for me :) Shall look at the easy techniques if any, the site seemed pretty good.

Last year I sent S to school in her Indian "Ghagra-Choli" and got her a princess crown, beaded necklace and some glittery stuff as accessories. She was mighty pleased

Can't repeat the same this year though :)

Saheli said...

These costumes are really adorable.

Well, last year my son had 'Ocean's Party' during halloween. He went as "The Killer Shark". For some reason the school doesn't celebrate Halloween.
Anyways, for the first time M requested that I make a costume for him. I couldn't say no because he is not a demanding child. He is the sweetest kid ever. And btw Joann's/Michaels/Hobby Lobby are like second home to me. Well, I couldn't find instructions online so, I went to Joann's and they have these 'Simplicity' patterns. I couldn't find one for a shark in particular but found one for a fish. I got all the material there and I could do it without using a sewing machine.
Well, the part that impressed my son was the personal touch I gave it. I attached a sock and a doll's shoe to the shark's mouth and dripped a few drops of red nail polish. That day I was officially the "best mamma in the whole wide world".
Well, I was impressed myself and didn't stop anybody for praising my efforts and talent cause this was the first and the last thing I sewn. I had a severe back-ache for a week and my fingers were like some 'acupuncture gone wrong'.

Well, all kidding aside, it is really fun if you like to sew. Also the look on your child's face is priceless.

Here is the link if you would like to see his picture.

Kay said...

Sandeepa, most of these ideas are no-sewing-skills-needed. the princess idea sounds great. I might borrow it sometime.

Ah! Saheli, that was one beautiful costume indeed!!! Wow, I'm amazed at your skills. What are you makign this year? :)

the mad momma said...

LOL! I was doing a search for costumes on the net and it brought me right back to you guys. :D great work guys!

Gita said...

How to stitch ghagra at home? Need to make one for my daughter

neha said...

MM Aqua
: So sweet.... really adorable... I liked the blue one..