Saturday, September 15, 2007

Frock designing and stitching

This post is written by Swapna Susarla of Susarlas kitchen.

I , myself desingned and made this frock by hand(not using a machine) for my daughter. My mother and all her sisters are professional in stitching.I never learned how to cut although i know how to make some small small stitches and how to stitch buttons.But never tried to cut cloth for stitching a frock.At first i thought of making some casual wears for my daughter.I bought some cloth and stitched .They were also nice.After that i took this cloth(2 yards) and planned to stitch a good one.I did lining also for this frock.(I don't know wether it is that great thing or not...but for me it is a very great achievement in my life:-) ). I was surprised to see the end result.I never imagined that i can do this.

My daughter is very happy to wear this.She is very excited and told everybody"my mom made this for me".Her happiness given me some more inspiration to do more things....Thanks and hugs to her....:-)


Tharini said...

Swapna...its beautiful! Really simple and elegant looking outfit. I bet she's pleased. Good job. Post how to's some time.

RJ said...

This is beautiful. When me and my sisters were young my mom used to stitch clothes for us. (she's isn't professional though) They used to be so unique and beautiful, hand embroidered and the patterns we like:-).
When your baby grows up she'll brag about it like I'm doing right now ;)

Sandeepa said...

This is really beautiful. If you would take orders, I would be your first customer :)
Your daughter must be very happy

Asha said...

Beautiful looking frock,you are talented girl!:))

Kay said...

Oooooh! What a pretty dress! :) And what a lucky daughter! :)

A handmade dress is considered heirloom, much much more precious than a machine sewn one. And with a lining too!! You did a GREAT job on this one.

indosungod said...

Swapna, I am blown away, that dress looks professional, way nicer and beautiful than I see in the stores. I second Sandeepa, will become your customer in a jiffy.

swapna susarla said...

Hi Tharini
Thanku.Will definitely post how tos when i got time.

Thanku.Now i can do embroidry also.not that good.but ok type.Even now also my daughter was so happy and telling everybody that i made a dress for swwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt of her.

Hi Sandeepa
Thanku very much dear!!!If i am at that top to take orders will definitely call u first!

Hi ashaji

Hi kay
Thanks a lot!!!I am also a lucky daughter for my mom.Because she also made me some beautifull clothes that i never forgot!!!

Thanku.I was also surprised by the way it looked aftre stitching!!
If i take orders will definitely ask u .

mummyjan said...

That's a lovely frock Swapna. Doesn't it make your heart swell when your daughter shows it off to her friends proudly?

Stitching our children's clothes is perhaps becoming a lost art, with the crowded lifestyles of today.

I remember with great fondness and pride the many beautiful frocks that my Mum used to smock, embroider, or paint (fabric paint), and then stitch herself. They were all really special; I remember every design that she made to this day.

Kavitha said...

Great work..keep it up..Iam sure your daughter will have fond memories of these dresses for many many years to come..

GettingThereNow said...

What a lovely dress!! I can't believ you made it entirely by hand!

swapna susarla said...

Hi mUmmyjan
YES U are absolutely right!!!!I can't explain my happiness when my daughter was very anxious to wear it and was very cheerful after wearing it.This is a great job in my life!!!!

Hi kavita
Just like me she will also have these swweeet memories!!!

Yes dear!!u have to believe!!the entire stitching work is done by hand only!!!even i also can't believe that i made this by hand...:-D.I was really surprising still!!!!