Friday, September 28, 2007

Help Needed...and this time Urgent

Hi Girls (ok Moms),
I say girls because that is the way I feel when I am with my friends around. Not ladies, females, women…no, just carefree girls who are also very responsible Moms.

Ok, first the good news is that the Desi Momz Club has made its presence felt is proved :) How ? Because now we now have websites/groups with almost the same names as ours who are trying to invite members from our Club to go and contribute at theirs, HUH ?? If you are still clueless check comments at the previous post.

Now why do I need help ? Because this is your blog and the thing is due to some commitments on the personal front I will be on a time crunch from this month. So I really, really need some help with this blog. I will still do all the admin stuff, but I need help with the other areas like posts, theme of the month etc.
I had requested earlier, but most of you missed. So I hope you will not give it a miss this time.

1. The Theme of the Month is a theme we decide for each month and request Moms to post. This needs fresh ideas. Please opt to take up a month and decide for a theme you think appropriate for that month. Conduct the Theme for the month you choose your way. Please send me a mail to volunteer. Following months are being done by:

Theme of Month for October -- Tharini

Theme of Month for November -- Kodi's Mom

2. Please come up with fresh interesting ideas and how we can implement them in this blog. I keep on telling, this is everyone’s blog so if you have ideas about making this a better community please let all of us here know.

3. Our club is not only about the Theme of the Month as you all know. So please feel free to share stories about your kid, interesting game ideas (remember Puzzles), activities (remember Rainy day Activity) and in fact anything that you think would be nice to share with all other Moms like us. I know many times I prowl around and ask you to post stuff but please please go ahead and share because I might not prowl that often :)

4. Many of the Moms here have a blog of their own where they chronicle their kid milestones. If you do not have a blog but would like to share milestones of your kids, or some incident involving them which you would like to chronicle and at the same time do not mind sharing with others, please feel free to do so. We would love to hear about your kids. Just remember to write "This post by X" for your posts, that way when searched with your name, you can get a collection of all posts written by you.

5. Last and the most interesting bit, after reading this post at Tharini's, Tharini & me ran into this grand idea to have a Kid Food Fest at DMC. The food fest would be showcasing Desi style food for kids that can be packed for school lunches without a mess and should be healthy and interesting enough so that the kids eat it without a fuss. Please,please respond with ideas as to how you would like the Food Fest conducted, would you pick a day each week to showcase Kid Food, does any of you want to conduct it ? Let me know and I will put up the general guidelines for Food Fest

Hope to hear from everyone this time and lets make this a wonderful community


Tharini said...

Sandeepa! I got a mail this morning from saying they were starting upa nd to please join and contribute articles etc. At first I was confused and thought it had to do with our club...but on going to the website I understood that this is a different outfit altogether. LOL. We also have a playgroup here with almost the same name, and that;s enuff to make me even more confused!

I was just abt to post the theme for October intro post. Looking forward to the food fest ideas.

Asha said...

Sandeepa, about time other members picked up a theme for each month! Kid fest is a great idea too!:))
I personally think Tarini should replace me as your co-administrator.I AM NOT JOKING!! I will still be a member but she will be able to contribute more than me to this club, I have no doubt about it. Would Tarini be interested? I will be happy to hand over.
I will be very very busy in coming months due to Trisha's last year in High School, preparing for college. Let me know!:))

Sandeepa said...


At this point I don't think it is about being the admin or co-admin :)

Every member is a admin per se. And that is why I removed the name of admins from the sidebar. As we have seen though we have 50+ members it is only 10/12 who contribute/comment etc. So all of them are Admin.

The admin works that I do are just technical like layout, add members etc. I would be happy to add any one who would want to do that. Tharini with her design & graphic skills would definitely be a help :D

Everyone else has all the rights anyway.

Sandeepa said...

But forgot to add

Asha, you with your 16 years Mommy experience do not have to hand over :) We can always add and not subtract ;-)

GettingThereNow said...

Sandeepa, I'd be glad to help but I am going through an exceptionally busy phase myself, what with the baby, full time job AND a job hunt. But I will keep posting whenever there is a post appropriate for this space.

mummyjaan said...

I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I followed that link too ( in the one of the previous threads.

Neways, I am just going to suggest 3 - 4 ideas for themes that came to my mind:

1. Child safety. Sharing our tips on how we keep out little critters safe.

2. Cooking shortcuts. And other household shortcuts to save busy mums' time.

3. Environmental issues. What are we as mums doing in our day-to-day lives to make - and keep - the world a better place.

4. Toddler behaviour. I am sure there are many mums here who can share what they've learned about dealing with 2 - 4 year-olds who can be very challenging sometimes.

Might seem boring to some, but I'm just typing in what came to mind.

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mnamma said...

The food fest is an excellent idea. Like you said, every week a particular day can be allotted for this and we can contribute a kid-friendly recipe. I can help you with the hosting of the food festival.

Miniyamma said...

Excellent idea for the food fest. Would be a great help for all mothers. I would like to extend the food fest idea to include first food for babies all the way to toddlerhood and school. And I've noticed that we follow different things in different parts of India, each having unique benefits. eg. Ragi in south India which is extremely nutritious. Would be a great help if we could get inputs from all.
Another idea for theme of the month is a 'best practices' kind of thing, where we all describe some of the activities we do for babies - eg. how we massage the baby, what to use for bathing, what to do when the baby has a cold, etc

Tharini said...

Miniyamma : Wonderful ideas. Would be so useful for so many of us. I know.

Sheela said...

Sandeepa, food fest is an excellent idea. i echo Miniyamma's thoughts...

i can help with admin, theme of the month, and even host food-fest-like themes down the road...

Sandeepa said...


GTN -- don't worry, settle down and then jump in :)

Mummyjaan, miniyamma, mnamma can you please send me a mail at

Sheela, thanks, shall send you a mail.

Bong Working Mom said...

Hi Sandeepa!

Kidz Food Fest is a wonderful idea.Would definitely be a success.

All of us, MOMZ, experienced or not should be able to contribute and make this one a de la grande success.