Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Krazy Kays & their Knack for Krazy Knicks

Heh! Couldn't think of a "kornier" title :D

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Note: I had so much fun writing this post that I decided to "pollute" the club-space with it too :D

I thought I was tagged by someone to list all the silly (and embarrassing, in our case) nick names that we have given to our kids but patrolled the blog sphere up and down three times and still couldn't find the "tagger". So I am taking up the tag on my own because I just loved the idea (of publicly embarrassing my children)!! But if there is someone who indeed tagged me for this, please own up and appropriate credits shall be given!

Mitthi (translated to Punjabi, means "sweet") and Ninni (means "sleep" in kidspeak and can be taken as a twisted form of "naani" meaning "little" in Gujarati) are their “official” nick names. Simple, sweet and harmless. Then I also call S “Sweetie Mitthi Pie” and Mitthi Mouse while Ninni gets called by the nick "Cheeni* Ninni Pie" and Ninni The Pooh (created by big sis). Their Kaka (dad's bro) calls them “Dudu” and dadi has reserved the name “Ghappoodi” :D

* Cheeni: Sugar

Other nick names I use for them are – “Koochie koo” and Chikoo which has now turned into “Chika Mika Pika”. Then there is Sweetums, Jhagdoo (someone who fights a lot), Jhagdoo-Magdoo (you can see my penchant for rhyming here, can’t you? :D Another rarely used but embarrassing name is “Susu-Potty Baba” which came from the fact that this is what they did most of the time during the first three months of their life :P The credit goes to their dad.

Now on to the reeeally embarrassing nick names. There is a story behind them so I will narrate it first. Without it, those nicks just won’t make sense. When we were newly married, one day I called J “Sadela Gubrela” (Rotten beetle). Now J has a knack for playing with words. He can transform the sweetest, most innocent word into something wacky and funny in an instant. So pat came the reply “Sadeli Goo Bhareli”. To those unfamiliar with the middle classy word, it means poop (literally) and the last word means “full of” in Gujarati. So “sadela Gubrela” became “Sadela Goo Bharela” and then we applied this nick name to S (Poor, poor kid! Now you understand why I am saving for her therapy?) She is a good sport and didn’t throw a fit when we explained the meaning to her when she was old enough to understand. When M came home from the hospital, S very generously decided to share that nick name with her. She said she will keep the first part (“Sadeli") for herself, and generously hand over the second part (Goo Bhareli) to her little sis. Only, she mistakenly said “Goo Dhareli” instead of “Goo Bhareli" thanks to her broken Hindi. Now, I might not have the knack for witty/wacky names, but I do have a knack for translating ones that don’t have an apparent meaning. So I translated the second one as “Sitting like a poop” ( I know, I know – this post shouldn’t even have seen the light of the day) as “Dhareli” in Gujarati can be loosely translated to “dumped” in some instances. So now we have a Goo Bhareli and a Goo Dhareli in our house. And S has now generously donated “Sadeli/Sadela” to her mom and dad.

Remind me to start a savings account for M’s therapy too, will you?

Edited to add: S has made up a song with the most embarrassing nick name for M. It goes like this -
Ninni, Ninni, Bahut Sadeli
Also known as Goo Dhareli

(Yup! She got the genes!!!)
Oh, and I tag all the moms (and dads, if any) in this club who haven't taken up this tag already, and who don't mind embarrassing their kids publicly :D


Asha said...

LOL!! Funny names.
I knew a Punjabi Doctor whose real name was "Sweetie"!! Can you imagine Dr.Sweetie Singh??!!:D
Chum Chum, GulGul are some I have heard.My son Tushar is called Tushy in school which he doesn't mind!:))

Saheli said...

Well, thanks for '' my morning. It is a very funny post. I am having a very hard time controlling my giggles (I am at work...)
I am very happy to know that we are not the only 'Stinky' family when it comes to 'nick names'. Well, since we are multi-lingual (Gujju/Marathi) family, our kids are called "Paadhodi bai" (Paad means fart and bai means girl/woman/lady in marathi), sometimes "Dhagari balam" (Dhagari means butt).
Also the most common jingle in our house is the one whenever "somebody cuts the cheese" is - "Aada paada kaun paada, mamaji ka ghoda paada, aam daam dous, ghade ne mari phus..."

david mcmahon said...

Nice work there. I'm an Indian-born and educated Aussie novelist and photographer and very proud of my Indian background.

There's a fair amount of Indian content on my blog and of course my first novel is set in India too.

Enjoyed my first visit here to your blog ....

Sandeepa said...

Ha ha our case the "fun" nick name that we had for S stuck. The decent nick name is used by very few.
All my friends call her by the "fun" nick name and she can very well sue me for that when she is of age :D

I know that one too :D had forgotten the last line

swapna susarla said...

ha ha ha haa...
very funny to read this post !!sometimes we call our kids with such names for which there won't be any meaning also!!!!but the kids feel that we are loving them so much and calling them with so many names..:-DDDD when once they grown and old enough to learn what we are calling them they will say "don't call me like that"....etc...

he heee heeeee....LOL ..

bird's eye view said...

This was a very funny post. We call our kids by so many weird and fun names. My son was known as 'Messy puttu miyan', a nod to Iraq and his mixed Hindu-Muslim heritage, when his diaper was full. We went through a lot of trouble to find a nice name for our daughter but have stuck her with the mnemonic Puddi!