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Potty Training Tips That Help

Some days back Dee had questions on Potty Training. From all the responses I have gleaned gems and gathered them in this post.
Since these are experiences and tips from real life Moms they should definitely be very useful

Right Time to Start

This is very debatable and also differs from child to child. Also the climate, your patience, how much help you have, determines the right age to start.
In India kids are potty trained pretty early on as the climate being hot it is possible to let the kids go diaper/panty free for a longer period of time. When there are accidents which is bound to happen, a quick wash both of the bottom and floor resolves the problem
This I found a difficult aspect here, I was hesitant of my daughter going around without diapers and wetting up my carpet and stuff everyday if I started to train her at 1 year. As many of the moms said the entire task of training is much easier and shorter if we start when the child is ready.
How do you know ?
Try training at around 22-24 months by making a routine of taking the child to the potty at scheduled intervals. If you feel the child does not understand the concept let go and wait for a couple of more months

Here is what mummyjaan said
Our DD started demonstrating awareness - at around 20 months alright. By that I mean if I left her nappyless (in short/pants without diapers) she would squirm and get uncomfortable before needing to go. We didn't actually try to potty-train her till she was 24 months.But it wasn't until she was about 29 - 30 months before she actually 'got the idea'. And when it clicked for her ('the *small* potty seat is for *me*, for going to the potty'), then she kinda self-trained in a week, with little input from me.”

Get a Potty or Potty Seat

Get a colorful character potty seat or a potty. I personally feel the seats are much better. Start a routine. After breakfasts in the morning try to make the child sit on it. While he/she is there, try reading books etc. to give an idea that it is fun. Again try to take him/her to the bathroom after fixed intervals.
If your child already has a routine when he goes potty (i.e for BM) it might be easier.

Asha says
Boys are little tough to train. Still buy a colorful potty with cartoon characters on it and tell him it's for the "big boy" and make him sit on it even when he is not needing to go.Some kids are just scared to go near it if you make them go when they need to.He will slowly get the idea.Accident happens when you start without the diaper but he will learn eventually.Reward him even if he just sits on it.”

Swapna and mnamma echo similar thoughts

Give Awards

My daughter’s daycare teachers helped a lot with the potty training. She started both the part time day care and subsequently the training around 25-26 months after a failed attempt by me at 23 months.
One thing I noticed that at school the peer pressure helped. So the teachers gave out stickers etc. for success and the clamor for getting more stickers gave a big boost to the whole process. I continued the award series at home too.

DR says
Bought some the day he succeeded he was given one and he could paste it on his cupboard door..and we would count them together..sometimes even call papa to have a look....and he glowed and beamed!!”

No Pull ups or Diaper

I did use pull ups for some time but I stopped using them at home when I started training. It seems using the pull up and also using the potty gives a child mixed message. It didn’t really take very long to get trained once the idea got into her head so there were very few accidents and my carpet was dry :D

GTN says
The discomfort from being wet without a diaper propels them quickly into wanting to use the potty :P But then, every child is different so what worked for me might not work for you. Also, don't make a big deal out of it (or any accidents for that matter). Don't worry about carpets if you have them and keep a lot of paper towels, newspapers and the phone number to a good carpet cleaner handy :P

Night time training

Start this once the child is trained during the day. Do not give milk or water at bedtime. After a drink, brushing etc. take him/her to the bathroom as the last step in the bedtime routine. Try to take him/her once more around mid night.
In my daughter’s case she does not go to the bathroom during the night. This I had seen from her pull ups being dry on most days so night training had not been difficult.

Some good tips for night time training are here :

Important Tips on Hygiene while Potty Training

Some very good tips are in here :

Remember little girls wipe front to back. Also it seems rather than wiping hard we should teach them to go “pat, pat” to avoid irritation
Another thing is have the pack of moist wipes ready. After the child has cleaned himself/herself do a clean up with the moist wipe. At least I always do that.

Don't Stress, Be Cool

Do not get stressed or stress the child. Make it a fun thing. He/she will get trained maybe a little early or late, doesn’t really matter.

Some more tips from here


Kay said...

Thanks Sandeepa!!! This will help me a LOT when the right time comes. :)

Dee said...

Hi Sandeepa,
Great compilation and very useful too..thanks!

Linda said...

Hi Sandeepa, those are indeed great tips! For those late-bloomers, it helps to remember what my mother used to say: no child ever went off to college in diapers! ;) My son wasn't trained till he was nearly four -- like most things I think kids fall right into step when they're ready :)

SJ said...

Sandeepa, thanks for the article and pointers. Just going through the process now - so very useful!