Saturday, September 8, 2007

School Chale Hum

(This post by Sandeepa)

School Chale Hum....Beautiful !!!!

Found it at Ammani's


Dee said...

this rocks!..btw..I remember having read somewhere that the only universal law is that kids walk to school from home and run back home after school ;)

evoexplorer said...


Kay said...

I finally got my speaker working (a toddler at home can make any wire come loose) and got to see the video.

It is wonderful. :) Thanks sandeepa for sharing.

mummyjan said...

This was great!

We liked it so much that we played it several times. My kids loved it.
I could have been any one of those little girls in white scarves, going off to school. I agree dee, I remember *walking* to school, not running to it.

Thanks for posting.

Linda said...

Hi Sandeepa, I'm with Dee -- this rocks! Can't wait to show to my daughter. She's a little older than most of the kids in the film, but she'll love it. The shining smiles on those beautiful faces really made my morning. Thanks for posting this! :)