Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bring on the paints Amma!

[Posted by Rachel of]

I had L last evening ransacking my kitchen. L seemed like she had lost something and she was desperately in search of god knows what! She preferred no help from neither A nor me!!!

So we let her be on her ransacking spree...after a few minutes there was an excited expressive sound!!! L's search mission was sucessful, because she had finally found what she had been looking for...Hmmm and guess what the treasure was..a plastic mesh (the one used to scrub dishes) ...a brightly coloured one that she had specifically picked up from the store when I was buying my monthly stocks...

Well this was bought two months back..I had forgotten about it and so had she..Wonder what reminded her of it yesterday of all days!!

Anyways she then wanted her paints, her own proclaimed palette (a lid of one of her kitchen set pans),her dhurrie..(she always lays her dhurrie and only then does she proceed with her articstic activities!!!)and not to forget her dear plastic scrub..L then specifically preferred to have a sheet only from my sketchbook..which is something very dear to me...anyways, after a lot of persuasion by L..I finally gave in..

She lay her drawing sheet (actually mine)on her dhurrie, dipped her mesh in all the colours and dabbed it on the sheets...After a few minutes she wanted the bottle brush, sponge, her tooth brush to do the same..

Finally she wanted to frame the work of art and hang it right in the place where an art done by me is hung!!!!

This made me wonder how come i never thought of this activity when i was at a loss of ideas to keep L occupied.

I think this is an interesting activity.. It does help them in identifying colours...I even saw her mixing colours..

Just a few pointers when you get your child to do this ..Make sure he/she is wearing old clothes, and newspapers are spread out on the floor..In doing so..after the kids are done with their activity,, all you need to do is to clear the newspapers..