Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do you have days like this ?

You have to, have to read this. It made my day at 8 in the morning and it will surely do yours too.

For fear of Plagiarism, I am not copying the article here.

Go read it Funny Woman's Unbelievably Busy day


Asha said...

LOL!! After all that, they don't pay us women enough at work place and no pay at all for stay at moms!!;P

Kavitha said...

It made my day at 8.11 am too..
read somewhere that a stay-at-home mom's annual pay is supposed to be $175000 on an average..

bird's eye view said...

That was sadly funny - sadly in the sense - boy do I know all about it! I wish someone would pay the SAHM that money - I'd trade in my day job in a second!

indosungod said...

loved it, how very familiar the routine seems to be:)