Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dosai Sandwich

Making elaborate meals is easy to deal with, plan a menu and start cooking and most times it somehow comes together alright. Except perhaps when cooking for a crowd when a few recipes that have been tried and trusted simply don't rise to the occasion. But well I was not intending to complain about slips in well planned meals. I was just trying to say that elaborate meals are easier to deal with than getting lunch packed for school that actually get eaten. So...

Always on the lookout for healthy but tasty and easy to eat, a snacky dosai sandwich fit this to T, another item that I often pack to school. Any spread that is a favourite would work be it cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, sugar or podi. One very good thing about using dosai is it does not get soggy like bread.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1. Dosai batter
2. Idli Podi, ghee
3. Sugar

1. Make Small dosais
2. Spread some ghee on one dosai, sprinkle idli podi or sugar
3. Slap the other dosai on top

Pack it in a lunch box with loads of love and hope it will be all finished when the box gets home in the evening.

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mnamma said...

My granny used to make these dosais. She called it 'Appa dosai'. It did taste yummy for lunch!

mummyjaan said...

Hey that's a clever lunch. I sometimes give my daughter dosa's with jam, rolled up, for breakfast on weekends. Maybe I could try slipping it into her lunches as well.

Thanks for the idea :) indosungod.

Garima Narera said...

Good recipe and and a good idea!!

Tharini said...

Yum yum yum yum!@!!! Gosh Indo...forget the kiddo's lunchbox. I want that for ME, right now!

Rachel said...

sent this for my toddler's mid- noon snack..i put jam in it..diff flavoured ones...the dosas came back minus the jam :(

Reena said...

Yummy recipe.. will try this for my son. You can find more recipes for kids here.