Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From a budding chef's kitchen

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Note: I posted this on my blog some time ago. Thanks to Sandeepa who reminded me to post it here for Kids Food Festival :)

Lately there have been more updates about M than there have been about S and while that is natural, it isn't fair. So here is a tid-bit about S.

She created this snack ALL ON HER OWN!! She took foods that she likes - bread, butter, sugar, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips and bananas and put them together to create a yummy (her words, not mine) snack! I leave you with a mouth watering picture of the same. :D

For the record, I have tasted it sans the chocolate chips and chocolate syrup (did I ever tell you I HATE chocolate flavor - except in a cake??) and it indeed was very, very, very delicious. S is proud of the fact that this is a very healthy recipe because it has whole grain bread and a fruit! I really loved the look of pride on her face when she presented this snack to me and later when I photographed it.

Hope to keep this interest alive and maybe she will be competing on "Top Chef" one day.... :D


Asha said...

See, she is great at this too! Good that you are encouraging her!:))

AnuSriram said...

A budding taste creator.... I appreciate her creativity and presentation!!

bird's eye view said...

Wow, how creative - and she's put it together artistically too. Your daughter must be feeling 'all growed up' at having pout this together.

Bread, unsalted butter and banana sandwiches are a favourite of mine from teenage years. Another thing that goes well with this combo - chocolate or grape striped peanut butter.

Rachel said...

A budding cook indeed!