Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hello to all the moms!

[Post written by Rachel of http://www.tangerineskitchen.blogspot.com ]

I just got introduced into blogging a few months ago.. heard and read about blogging but never wanted to take the step...But here I am finally into blogging and trust me I am having fun...not just bloggin in my own space but also reading other blogs..DMC is one blog that interested me..

I have a 3 yr old daughter L. She goes to nursery..She can be a very stubborn person which is reflected in her eating habits as well...

...Anyways she adores colouring and painting not just in her scrap book but also on the house floor and the walls...She probably takes this interest after me..because i am basically an artist and a designer...I can see she has a keen sense of observtion which is obvious in the way she handles her brushes and paints..

She is also awed by the chapati dough..and keeps herself occupied shaping the dough and talks to the dough too..Wonder what???

I only hope and pray that she would show the same interest in food too!!!

Hoping to contribute to this blog soon!!!


Aryan said...

Welcome Rachel. It is so interesting to know that she talks with the dough!!!!

mummyjaan said...

Hi, Rachel. Welcome. I have a 3 1/2 year old who stands on a chair next to me in front of the kitchen counter while I make parathas. I have to give her a small ball of dough which she rolls out with her own toy rolling pin. She mimics everything I do exactly.

Asha said...

Welcome to DMC Rachel!:))
You got a budding cook in your hand girl, encourage her! That is great to hear.

Tharini said...

Welcome on board Rachel. We look forward to getting to know you better! :)

Sheela said...

Welcome Rachel! Looking forward to some creative kids crafts ideas from you... interesting little girl you have there!

Sandeepa said...

Hey Rachel, welcome to SMC

Your daughter talks to the dough too...must be fun watching her :D
Waiting to hear more

Rachel said...

Aryan-Thank you! Hmm we find it interesting to watch L in conversation with the dough!

Mummyjaan-Thanks for the welcome. L too loves giving me company in the kitchen..and L insists on cooking the roti too..claiming that her's is the yummiest..

Asha- budding cook indeed!!

Tharini-thankyou and looking forward to knowing you better too!

Sheela- I do have craft ideas for kids on hand that L has enjoyed! Will be posting them!

Sandeepa-Thank you! ;)