Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Little crafted box cars

[This post is written by Tharini of Winkie's Way.]

As if Winkie does not have enough train engines, freight cars and track sets, I set out to give him one more. This time crafted from scratch, with the simplest of materials lying around the house. The original idea came in a little weekly craft newsletter. Usually I would glance through them, and since I won't have one or the other raw material at home, I would reject it. But a quick look at the list of stuff needed for this craft and I knew I wanted to try it with Winkie. Take a look at the list yourself. Isn't it simple and easy?

4 matchboxes
Buttons or black stickers
Aluminium foil
Marker pen

Cool huh?

I didn't follow the exact instructions. Once I got a rough idea, I did my own thing.

1. Took out all the little boxes from the matchbox and painted them in different colours.

2. Took a little ribbon and glued the boxes to the ribbon, so all the box cars get connected.

3. Glued on little coloured buttons for the wheels.

4. Cut half a matchbox and glued it on to the first car, so it becomes the engine.

5. You can used scrunched up circles of foil glued on to the first car, and make it the train lights, or use little silver sequins like me.

6. As an additional personal touch, and since I had them at home, I used some alphabet beads I had lying around (I was to make key chains for every member of the family with those, abandoned the idea when R refused to use his!)...and glued them on to the boxcars, named after Winkie and Thambi.

This was the result. In the original idea, they used the matchbox covers as the actual box cars, and the match'box' with the open side up, was laid on top, and filled with little pebbles so it had the total freight car feel. I should do it that way next time.

Winkie does like them, and its easy for him to play with this mini set on the dining table. And for the past 24 hours, he has set aside his Thomas Trains and Salty engines for the simple pleasures of home made goods.


Asha said...

That is soo cute!!!
I always tell people that kids play with boxes more than than toys those boxes contain!:D

Tharini said...

LOL. This definitely qualifies for that then!

Sandeepa said...

this is so cute...you are a genius.
We used to make such matchbox cars in india when small, not such pretty looking ones though.

But I don't have matchboxes at home here :)

Dee said...

really cool idea Tharini...loved the simplicity and creativity. I'll try to make one for Chintu now..he is into his choo choo train phase now..I got a simple one from Ikea that he loves for now...

Rachel said...

My toddler had her first vacation for a week..and together we made the train..but it just lasted a day cos soon she was pulling out the buttons and was more occupied with that....