Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ma Durga... Come again the next year

Kucho nimki, narkol naru, malpua, mansher ghughni, keemar shingara, mishti r thalaa, dhok dhok pronaam aar kolakuli.... the childhood memories of Bijoya are too vivid, more so gastronomically.

Days have changed, so my son, who is at least 98% clued on Bong was surprised to find, kucho nimkis are manufacturable in Mom's kitchen as well beside the Chittoranjan Park Sweet shops in Delhi.

So this time, while I prepared to embrace and entertain a large group of family, Mr D prepared for his France visit for an unavoidable workshop. Little sonny R, upset with his Dad's funny tour plans was trying to find solace in visiting paternal Grandparents from Kolkata.

Saptami was chaotic. My Mamashoshur( Husband's Mama) and family had planned a surprise for his sister.... they were visiting us. So even though I prepared a pick up for them from railway station, my in laws were completely in the dark. Even my ten year old son was party to the conspiracy. Chaos bloomed post lunch, I had to leave for an emergency client meeting, my guests could not find the car sent for the pick up, neither could the driver find the guest..... AMAZING. I retraced 45 km to pick them up after reaching back.... and the family chat continued till wee hours of 2am.

Ashtami colourful as usual.... other than me struggling to keep a backup khichuri and accompaniments ready in case we miss the bhog at the pandal. On puja days in Gurgaon pandals, since we always end up behind 1000 at least, a backup plan is an absolute must. Afternoon, in true Bong way, we stuffed ourselves in a hired Toyota Innova and struggled our way through the terrible highway traffic to reach New Delhi Kali bari. Long travel, fights on right AC cooling, and finally we end up standing behind serpentine cues for a glimpse of the Goddess and the happening arati. Thousands were already sitting on the huge mandir courtyard waiting for Kumar Shanu to begin his performance. Terrified of the crowd, and asphyxation we finally plunge out and breathe well before locating a chaatwallah. Soft and crispy aalu chaat and spicy churmur we all had to our heart's content before reaching airport to pick up Mr D.

Navami we packed fast and quick and once again stuffed ourselves in two cars and left for a Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar trip. The days passed off in a whizzzzz.... and on Monday 3 am we came back home, almost crawling back.

House is still full, 24 hours, we are chirping and laughing with family, a rare incident compared to me and little sonny R walking back slowly,into an empty apartment, loaded with school bag, creche bag, Kumon hamper, laptop, a huge loaded purse and an equally cumbrous food tote bag....and getting prepared for the next day.

Me and little sonny R are not seeing eye to eye fearing the magic would go off and once more we would get slotted into the routine life.


bird's eye view said...

Nice post - you must have enjoyed all the excitement. Didn't know you were a Gurgaon-ite as well.

Sandeepa said...

Kucho Nimki...aha...want to make some...maybe should pester the MIL who is with us now:)

Tharini said...

Sounded like such an interesting action packed bunch of days. Interesting way to write it out.

Roshni said...

well, this may be stressful and all that but its better than what we have going here in San Diego! We had the weekend pujo (of course!) a week earlier because we did not want to coincide with the LA pujos. We came back from work on Friday, crammed ourselves in our traditional dresses (which had been hanging sadly in the closet the rest of the year), took the car through the freeway for 15 miles to the school hall which had been hired to have the protima for that evening, did a pefunctory pujo (no dhaks, dhunos or light and sound shows!). Then we stood in line for our food dished out in thermacol containers, ate and left! Oh for a Kolkata pujo!!!