Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Melting Moments

There are so many moments in the day when I'm totally exasperated with my son, little A. He is usually so deeply engrossed in whatever he is doing that he tunes out everything else. When he's making paper planes ( the latest craze, and thankfully a cheap one), he doesn;t hear me telling him to do something, he forgets to pick up a bite of breakfast or to swallow the bite already in his mouth. Drinking milk can take forty five minutes when he's watching Mickey and friends...

And then there are the moments when he reduces me to a little puddle of mush.

He's been having bad dreams for the past few days and we've been so tired that we have given up and bring him into our bed each time. Last night he went through another such episode, on a night when I was dog tired. Later he woke up to use the bathroom. Still later he wanted a drink of water and I yelled at him. Then early this morning, cuddled up next to me, he says, "I feel so safe when you're near me, mamma."

Then when we were both up, he tells me, "Even when I'm as big as Priyesh ( our downstairs neighbour's 9 year old) I'll still play with you. Even when I'm 100 I'll still play with you, mamma."

How cute is that!


Asha said...

I think most boys are like that! I literally have to tap my son's shoulder if I need to talk to him when he is doing! Same with my husband too. My daughter is very alert of surrounding even when she is doing her homework!
Aw!! I understand. My son is almost 13. He always asks me whether I ate and what I did that day while he was away in school. And he is the only one who asks me that btw!!:P

Kavitha said...

Thats really cute..
waiting for my boy to grow big soon and say such lovely words( he is only 7 months old now)

mummyjaan said...

That's very cute.

Kids tend to be very focussed on what they're doing. I can't get my daughter to listen either, when she's engrossed by her 'important work'.

Sometimes, I think my husband is just an over-sized kid too....

Sandeepa said...

Awww that is so cute :)

bird's eye view said...

Asha, now that I think back, I remember I used to be so engrossed in reading when I was a kid that once I didn't even realise that something in the kitchen had caught fire! Your son is so sweet!

Kavitha - I have to say from experience - it's wonderful when they start to talk and communicate, but now my son is such a chatterbox we have to beg him to be quiet for two minutes so my husband and I can even exchange hellos!

mummyjaan - all husbands are!

Thanks sandeepa.

Aryan said...

So cute..he will be with you when is 100. I loved it...Be proud Bird's eye

Aryan's Mom