Monday, October 29, 2007

On Traditions by IBH

(This is a guest post by IBH for Traditions– the theme for October)

I come from a family that is abounded with traditions and more traditions. With the festive season on, I would like to contribute my first ever post for DMC or for any group blogs.

*Every navaratri our Golu bommai display has had varied themes. Dad’s hobby of collecting bommais in his every business trips helped us in great deal with different themes. I should say, Appa takes keen interest in our golu arrangements.Appa comes up with the theme for that year and then start collecting the bommais accordingly. In the previous night of the day of arranging bommais, appa and amma takes out the bommai and start arranging according to the theme of the year. Of course, our usual bommais that are meant to be kept with the kalasam (pot with coconut) are arranged meticulously. The fun part though is the arranging of parks, waterfalls, groves (mango, coconut oh what not!) and such.Appa will make sure that it looks so real that our golu used to be the star attraction in our street.

* Tradition of not bursting crackers has been our tradition for so long that we have actually forgotten when we last burst crackers’, the reason being child labor and such .(I know there is always two types of argument to it but we stand by our tradition and its reasons)

*The tradition of wishing each other at 12 AM sharp for all functions, festivals, birthdays, anniversiaries and every occasion that calls for wishing each other. It continues till date and we have been wishing each other even when we live in different time zones and different spheres of earth.

*We always make maa-kolam for every function held at our place. My mom rocks at it and she creates the best maa-kolam ever.

*The best thing from my childhood that am missing right now is ‘Nila choru’ wherein all we cousins used to meet up at our grand father’s agraharam house and enjoy moonlit night dinner on the terrace. Our cook, Venkubhai paati used to make this scrumptious dinner of simple, vatha kuzhambu, rasam and ‘more’ sadam and feed us by making this big ‘urundai’ (ball of food) and go in rounds to put those urundais in our hands. The best part is the last bit of ‘aanai katti’ sadam that all we cousins used to fight for.Not sure if Kaju will get to enjoy the last tradition listed but I am making sure that she is going to continue the other traditions ( trivial but yet powerful in our family) and pass it on to her family.


Asha said...

Great post! It's more fun growing up in a joint family it seems. Good to read all those, specially greeting at midnight!
Mine was a very nuclear family. Just parents and a brother, didn't pay attention to anything much. I like it that way till today, don't get me wrong! I don't feel deprived at all!:))

Tharini said...

That was wonderful IBH. I am amazed that you guys still call each other at 12 AM sharp. That effort at keeping things up is so heartwarming. Very nice account.

Aryan said...

Vatha Kuzhambu, rice urundai. It is really mouth watering..

bird's eye view said...


That was fun. We too used to have moonlight dinners when i was a child. And one of the favourite ways to eat when we were kids and visiting our cousins in Mysore was 'kai-thutthu' - my aunt would make balls of the saaru-anna or huli-anna and serve us turn by turn on our palms. We used to compete to gobble it fast and get more balls than each other!

Sandeepa said...

Nice to read IBH

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