Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sprouted Ragi Porridge

Ragi (or nachni) is an excellent source of nutrition and I recommend all mothers to try it out in their recipes. Here is one method of preparation of ragi porridge which can be fed to babies right from 6 months -

Soak the ragi overnight and in the morning, drain the water and put it in a closed vessel. The ragi would have sprouted by next morning. Put the ragi in a mixer and grind it with a little water till it becomes a thick paste. Put this paste through a coffee filter or a muslin cloth. Leave this liquid for a while and the ragi 'paste' will settle down.

Take some spoonfuls of the 'paste', add water/milk/ vegetable broth and sugar/salt and cook on low heat with constant stirring till a thick porridge consistency is reached. Add some ghee if required.

As the baby grows, you can add other pulses like green gram, wheat, channa, etc along with the ragi and follow the same method. You can also soak badam, cashew and dates and grind along with the ragi.

Sprouting makes the porridge easily digestible and improves the nutritional content.

Though the process looks elaborate, it is only about 10 minutes of effort to grind and filter the paste. You can refrigerate and use it later.


mummyjaan said...

That seems quite simple to make. Can you make that with other pulses too?

Sandeepa said...

that is a good one Miniyamma, very nutritious

Parul said...

Hi Miniyamma,

I have a question about this. I have a seven month old infant. I'd like to feed him ragi but have no clue how! I have bought some ragi flour from a store. Now do I (or indeed CAN I) sprout it? How do O make it into a porridge? I have not fed him any ghee or oil till date. The doc has advised feeding him ragi so I am very keen to do it. Do help! Thanks a lot :)