Friday, October 26, 2007

Traditions -- by Shobhana

(This is a guest post by Shobana for Traditions– the theme of October, chosen by Tharini at DMC.)

I was thinking about traditions – the kind that we may have followed in my family. One thing was that we didn’t have any particular traditions due to some reasons that I am not sure about. While still pondering about it, the idea clicked…this being the festival season starting with the poojas, diwali, Christmas, Ramzan, new year and the additional thanksgiving for people living outside of India and the SUN TV’s and such cranking up on the advertisements for clothes and jewels, making one ever so home sick, why not write about the clothes, especially the sarees, the silk ones in particular. Hah…nice one eh?

Anyways what really inspired me are the ads for the pattu sarees….so many new models and colors and designs. It is either RmKV, Kumaran, Pothy’s or Chennai silks or the crop of stores that seems to sprout up during the festival season and maintain a very low key after that, until the next season. With the ever increasing occassions for buying clothes such as Akshaya thrithi in addition to diwali, pongal and so many more the need to come up varying designs become a necessity. When talking to my sis in India who mentioned that they were all going to Chennai from Salem to buy clothes, it made me realize that the buying power of people has also gone up and that they are willing to travel far and near to buy something unique for this festival season.

The sarees that I remember seeing in my mom’s closet was the simple chiffon ones and some of the silk sarees that she had. These had simple flowers, lines, dots and such patterns on them…be it the chiffons or the silks. And the color choices were simple too….reds with blue borders, light blue with dark blue borders, yellow with marroon or green borders and so on…just the basic colors. But now….there is a different color for each woman on the face of this earth….for example the 50,000 color pattu by RmKV last year. WOW!!! Are there even so many colors?I kind of know only a few…am I missing something or have been color illiterate? I have made a mental note to check it out in person the next time when I am in India to improve my GK on colors.

And then there are the other choices…Jodi paatu (matching colored saree and shirt for the color twin couple), color changing saree (it presumably changes color when one steps out…what??), Durbar Krishna saree (with the pic of Lord Krishna on the pallu and decked with Swarovski crystals…supposed to bring luck to one who wears it), zip-n-wear sarees (you can buy one saree with 4 different pallus, just choose the one that you want for that day and zip it up), pocket saree, landscape saree, denim saree and the latest addition being the embossed silk saree. Aishwarya pookal, Hamsa damayanth, Imayam, 108 karnas…guessing what those are….these are more varieties of silk sarees. These trends are all aimed for the young adult in the late teens and early 20’s, though anyone else who wants to buy those are not stopped.


Asha said...

Whoa!!!! I didn't know these kinda Sarees existed!! Denim Saree!!!:)
This is a very informative post, thanks.Wish you had some photos too!:))
Only time I wore Sarees in my life time so far is when I got married and few days after that. I am most happy and comfortable with my casual cloths.

sagari said...

nice post

Sindhu said...

Nice Post!

Rachel said...

you missed out the RMKV saree with 50, 000 colours on it..., I remember the hype that was created in chennai during its release!!!

oh and the cinderella pattu pavada for girls.. which was a reversible pavada!!!

mummyjaan said...

A sari with a zip and 4 pallus? This I have to see. Nice post!

Shobana said...

Everybody..come to my blog. I have photos of the sarees.

Shobana said...

Oops! the link to my post is,

Jenni said...


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Dee said...

I like watching the Diwali ads in SunTV ... you get into the festive feel simply by watching all the sarees and jewels and fire crackers :)

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