Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wistfully....this Navarathri!

This Navrathri season has not been good for my spirits. No, indeed it has not. For everywhere I go, I see pretty little girls looking like absolute dolls, wearing their cute cute pattu pavadais and chaniya cholis, with all those sweet matching necklaces, and tinkly bangles and such interesting looking hair clips to hold back the little curls or the straight silky bangs. And dressed in all this finery, they have that perfect little gait, and also a little bit of awareness that they are looking different (just a little bit of awareness) that I could go on staring at them forever.

*exxaaaaaagggeeeerrraaatted siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggh*

Rainbow seeker than I am, I measured my options. Yeah so I have some. Right. A formal looking sherwani, with overriding sleeves and the silly tassles in the dupatta, when any day I'd settle for a simple elegant little cotton kurta. But then what? Nothing. That's all the choice there is! Forget accessories, forget hair clips, and definitely forget the gait!

Seriously. Living in a house full of Martians and I have all but abandoned any girlishness in me. Its all about roughhousing, and who climbs on top of who, and the sounds of the train going chuk chuk chuk or the noisy engine sputtering car sounds, or just plain and simple screaming like banshees....aaaaand cricket! Cricket cricket cricket! Bah!

I am in serious depression.

For all those who wish to cheer me up...two conditions apply:

1. No hints, teasers or outright suggestions that I can always have another one. Nah ah! Road closed, dead end, finito!

2. Mother of girls wearing their cute cute pattu pavadais and chaniya cholis, with all those sweet matching necklaces, and tinkly bangles and such interesting looking hair clips to hold back the little curls or the straight silky bangs, and walking with that perfect girlish gait.....stay away from this post! You are not my friends right now. From tomorrow maybe...?

And my dear dear Fellow Members of the boys' club...well come on over. Can I get you some tea? Or a hanky maybe?

For now, I am going off to find my best kancheevaram pattu, wrap it around my head and lie low till this storm blows over!


Sandeepa(Bong Mom's CookBook/DesiMomzClub) said...

Oh yes, you can have another ;-) this is the season ;-)

But being a mother of a little girl and a mother who doesn't give a damn to dressing, this season brings in serious trouble.

With all those cute dresses being sent from India for little S and all friends & resident family hoping that I will dress her up to the tee with the right accessories, I feel my tension mounting.

I am just waiting for this weekend to get over and then let her loose in her comfy leggings & tees.

Ok, but i seriously lack skills in this dept. doesn't mean I do not look adoringly at little girls in their fineries. I love looking at little & big girls all decked up but in my home...that is another story..

MahaVishnu said...

Think of it this way - You alone get to be the Princess/Queen/Angel of the household with the Martians in your life looking adoringly at you when you dress up in your finest kanchi pattu sari and shine. No competition !!:)
It always works for me .. for about 3 seconds (yet, it is something )

GettingThereNow said...

Yes, you CAN have another one :D But what if that one turns out to be a boy too??

I could send you pictures of my older one dressed in a fine "Lehenga" and bangles and such. :D :D

I am still your friend. Just wanted to do a little leg-pulling. LOL!

mummyjaan said...

If it's any comfort, I have 2 little tomboys.

Sure, they have their fancy dresses from India, but you know what, they can't wear them for long without getting fidgety.

It's back to a comfy jeans and T-shirt very soon.

More often than not, they both get mistaken for boys.

Asha said...

Same here as mummyjaan. I never dressed up in Indian dresses ever as young girl in India and my daughter is a tomboy too. Couldn't care less about dresses or festival. Sad but true!!:D
But You can be THE princess all dreesed up and enjoy the the day if you like.
Only reason I am cooking this Sunday is for my blog!Hahaha!!

Kodi's Mom said...

LOL! hugs from a fellow member of the boyz club! but the bright side is as the only female member, you're held in high esteem and spoilt rotten. can vouch from childhood experience. also boys - esp little ones- are the quickest to compliment when Amma dresses pretty. so bring out the silk to go with that heck of a jewelry set.

an evil suggestion: Sathya is little enough to not remember a thing - even if it meant putting a few clips on his hair and the like. just make sure you take pictures and hide them forever ;) (don't hold me for responsible for the consequences, I would never do it, but have seen people do it all the time. now I will go hide!)

Poppins said...

Tharini ! If it makes you feel any better, my poppin hates dressing up. She will tug and pull if she's in anything other than her jeans and top. And will promptly throw the pretty clips I buy her. Has lost more than two gold bangles so I use plastic or silver ones now.

So it's not a given that you have a girl and you can dress them up

Sogno said...

Good one, Tharini. As a mother of a 3 year old boy's BOY, i know what you mean. We are expecting our second baby in Jan and am secretly hoping for a girl so that I can do all those things you wrote....But who knows......
Happy Dasshera!!!!

Aryan said...

Oh Tharani, wrap the Kancipuram pattu around you, wear that beautiful necklace and of course make Winkie wear the pattu pavadai and click a snap. Unlike Aryan, he may love to play around in different attire...

bird's eye view said...

Oh that is sad...until I had my daughter, I had the same pangs. But now I have her, with her hair shorn, she looks like a cute little boy dressed in drag when i put her into a pavadai:(

Tharini said...

24 hours later...

Sandeepa : Wow. I never knew your kind existed until today. But from where I am....you don't know what you've got! Enjoy it..:D

Mahavishnu : U know...*sniff* that actually is true. When I dressed up nice last evening, Akhil actually stopped and looked and said....wooow Amma...you look nice. So yes, that is a huge silver lining. Holding on...holding on!

GTN : Meanie meanie meanie!! Not reading the fine print are you! You are to stay away from this post! But send me a picture...:D

Mummyjaan : you're the one I want to talk to. Double Trouble Club member. *sniff* I'll probably make a big pot of tea...this is going to take a while!

Asha : *shocked* at Tomboy! Seriously?? But your ideas, as always are good. Princess T...mmm.

Kodi's mom : The eternal sunshine maker. I am only considering your idea becos of your current eligibility in our club. If you are going to have a girl next...I insist on buying her clothes!! Ok? :D Great idea...I did it once with Winkie...And Sathya is not to be spared!

Poppins : Just you wait, Another year or two and she will insist that you put some lipstick on her and tell YOU what matches with what! And then you're going to come back to me with a different story! Ha! :D

Oh Sogno : Congratulations!! What hope what hope! I will put all my longings into my hope for you ok? Sathya was born in Jan too....excited to see when you will deliver. Last trimester. how are you feeling?

Ayan's mom : Thank you my dear. I know a sincere suggestion when I see one. Let's see how it goes. ;)

BEV : LOL. Just put on a bindi and she will shine through. ;)