Thursday, November 15, 2007

Assorted remedies..

Here I am listing out common remedies from my family that I can recall off the top of my head. They are for a variety of common ailments that we may run into.
As always, please use caution and common sense before adopting any of these. If you feel wary about any of the ingredients or methods, just don't use them.

Nasal congestion
With an eye-dropper or syringe, insert a few drops of sesame oil into the nostril. It might be slightly uncomfortable for the kid, but eases congestion fairly quickly.

Constipation in infants
Typically when solid food or formula is introduced to a breastfed baby, there is some amount of constipation to be expected. I read in assorted sources, and have confirmed from personal experience the use of four P fruits - pear, prune, peach, plum. Fresh form is best...quantity varies depending on infant's age. Start with half of what you would give as a meal and adjust as required. This has been effective for my toddler too - especially pears.

Soak teaspoon of raisins in warm water overnight, and feed infant 2-3 spoons of the water the next morning. According to my mom, this has been a regular diet to all babies in my family - constipation or not, it is healthy and helps build resistance.

Menstrual cramps
I used to get horrible, debiliating monthly pains. Ones that would leave me close to tears. Tylenol would help but I wasn't comfortable taking it every month. So I resorted to my mother's simple and easy trick. Take a spoonful of methi seeds (Fenugreek) and swallow it whole. I treated them tablets - would gulp them down with water. Pain would usually fade away in about 15-20 minutes. If it persisted, another spoonful did the job.
Not recommended for other kind of cramps.

Postpartum water retention
This is a brilliant remedy from my grandma. Apparently, in my mother's postpartum days, new moms would recieve a dry heat pack treatment twice a day on the limbs and tummy area. It served to improve circulation and to heal muscular pain from labor. For me, the problem was bloated legs and feet for nearly a week postpartum. The doctor suggested regular walking and that would have worked, except I was so sore that I could barely put one foot after another. Here, my grandma's suggestion came handy. My mom would iron a thick terry cotton towel folded into layers and dab it on my legs and feet, reheating the towel each time it cooled. This went on for about 20 minutes, twice a day. Three such sessions, and the water drained away completely. (leaving my skin there limp and lifeless, but we will not talk abt taht! Skin was back to normal in a few days.)

Barley water is also known to ease water retention during pregnancy. Cook barley in water on open flame (not pressure cooker), once cooked, separate the water from the grain. Drink about 1/2 cup at a time. No more than 1 cup in a day. And find a spot next to the bathroom! ;)

Hope these help you or someone in your family!


Asha said...

Methi seeds, that would help. Hope it works!! Thanks Kodi's amma!:))

Kavitha said...

Thanks Kodi's mom for the remedies..
One thing I can vouch for - feeding pears for constipated infants..this has really worked well for my baby..pears & prunes work great...

Whenever he eats BRAT(banana, rice, apple, toast - which are supposed to be highly constipating foods), I make sure I give him pears or at times oatmeal along with it.

mnamma said...

Thanks Kodi's Mom. The methi seeds and the raisin water remedies has been in our family also! With such interesting discussions going on at Poppins, DotMoms and at Tharini's you managed to post on this topic also! Kudos to you :)

Kodi's Mom said...

Asha: its a quick, effective cure! hasn't let me down yet..

kavitha: funny you should mention the BRAT - I was going to post that as a remedy for diarrhea :)

mnamma: shhh, you're letting the world know that I am doing nothing besides blogging ;)

Rachel said...

Wow the fenugreek tip is a solution to those freaking cramps..Thanks a lot!

Very usefule tips!

Rachel said...

Barley water is very useful during pregnancy to prevent the occurrence of urinary infection.. ...Mom made sure I had a glass a day during those days!!

swapna susarla said...

I know about the methi seed tip.Thanku for all ur tips.