Friday, November 30, 2007

Daring December!

Hi ladies,

This month, let's do something different. There is at least one thing in everybody's list of 'I wish I did that' or 'I wish I could do that'. It could be as simple as baking a cake or drinking 'something' or even getting a different haircut than the usual one. Or you wish you cursed. :) Or you danced. Or sang. Or asked for forgiveness for something you wish you hadn't done. Or gave somebody a piece of your mind. Or invited a new friend that you've been thinking that you should invite but kept postponing it forever. Give it a thought. There might be something that you wished you did, but never got up and actually did that. It could be out of sheer laziness or maybe a mental block. But it never got done.

So, This month, let's get outside our comfort zone and dare to do at least one thing that we want to but held back for some reason. And then make a post about it here with the label 'Theme for December' or 'Stepping out'.

Edited to add: Just wanted to clarify - This is not a long term thing - as in 'learn to play guitar' or 'start exercising' or 'will get up early from now on' or' start enjoying life more'. This dare is a one time thing. It is not required to do continue doing it for this dare, but If you wish to continue that lifelong, more power to you! :) Say, you want to dance but something had held you back all along, just close all the doors, switch on the music - something that will make you shake your leg and booty and rock on! And after that's done, think of something else that you wish you did and do that. Pick as many of your wishes as you want. And remember to post something about that. You don't have go into details if you don't want to but do share with us as much as you can and esp. how you felt.

And yes, kodi's mom, you guessed it right. This month's theme is to unwind a bit, loosen up a little and be all geared up to embrace the new year with both hands. :)

Now, Step out of your comfort zone. I double dare you! :)
- Kay


Sandeepa said...

OMG....I wonder what should I do ? A very good theme, but for someone like me, I need more than a year to get out of the comfort zone...hee, hee.

But i will try

indosungod said...

Kay, double dare taken. It is easy to take on the dare than to step out of the comfort zone. Hats On!

mnamma said...

Nice daring theme kay! It would be good to 'step out' once in a while like this :)

bird's eye view said...

Whoops - is a month enough?

MeMona said...

great theme ! lets just do it !

Kodi's Mom said...

love it! I have so many, and esp since you double dared, I am tempted to post them all in one go :) (but I wont - most are too personal to make it on the blog, esp the forgiveness one!)

this is almost like a primer to new years resolution! great theme..

Kay said...

Sandeepa, Need a kick somewhere? :) yep, give it a try.

Indo, Wow! you are braver than what I thought. well, you don't know what I have in store for you.

mnamma - yeah, wouldn't it be fun?

bird's eye view, start this month and you have your entire life ahead of you to fulfil your wishes.

memona, yeah, let's just do it. :)

kodi's mom, way to go! :) looking forward to read your posts.

Birthday Party said...

Oh wow. What a theme! Me too me too..I am so steeped in the comfort zone that I really need a fresh perspective of things.

Hope I'll get some time to do this!

GettingThereNow said...

LOVVVVVVE the theme of this month! Believe it or not, I have been working on a similar post. Maybe it will fit well here too IF (and that's a BIG if givent he current state of affairs) I can finish it within this month.

Will try and take it up if I can. Haven't been able to contribute to the last two themes even though I really wanted to and had the posts all ready in my mind :(

Kay said...

BP, make the time.... IT only takes a few mins. :)

GTN, wow! that's neat. :) would love to read your take on this.

mummyjaan said...

Great theme, except, what will I do? If there's one thing I have really wanted to do, it's to go bungee jumping. But I'm afraid that cable will snap with my weight and I'll hurtle straight down to demise. Not this December, I guess.

I'll try to find something else. Doable, that is.

And I *love* the new look of DMC. Well done to whoever did it!

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