Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hello, November!

Tharini brought the October discussion to a close with the words "confusingly warm and getting chillier November." Interestingly enough, that phrase sets the perfect path for the November theme I have in mind.

I picked the theme for this month to represent a snapshot of what most parents, at least those living in chilly climates, might be battling with this month, thanks to the aforementioned oscillating weather.

Hint: Itchy throat, stuffy nose, rising body temperatures, ear infections...

Yes, yes, all these make their ugly appearance around this time and so I have decided to label November as the season to be sniffling!

Not at all pleasant. Yet, not at all avoidable. Especially among kids, and all the more if the kids are in contact with more kids.

If we can't avoid it, can we make it any easier on them?

That is the intent with which I picked the theme for November - Alternative Medicine.

So we can share remedies that offer relief to the common cold/cough. Remedies that go beyond conventional, doctor prescribed or OTC medications. It can be anything from herbal concoctions, natural non-invasive treatments (like steam inhalation), Grandma's potions(paati vaidhyam) - anything that you've used in the past to success.

Don't forget - food is medicine too. Regularly adding certain foods that are rich in Vitamin C to your kid's diet helps them build immunity year long. What foods do you consider medicinal?

And finally, medicine for the soul - laughter, music, meditation, prayer. Have you used any of these to help you or kids during downtime? Have they worked?

While cold/cough/flu is the primary 'illness' this season, your posts don't have to be restricted to just that - relief for any common ailment in kids/infants - eg: constipation, indigestion - are also welcome.

Oh, and, if there are medical doctors (or doctors' wifes ;) ) and skeptics in the audience, I would love to hear your perspective...what do you think of alternative medicine? Do you practice it outside of your profession?

The intent of the theme is for us to share our experiences, not as advice, but as a compilation of resources. For the benefit of parents who want to look beyond allopathy. And since these tips will be based on personal experiences, it will go unsaid that whoever adopts these remedies will do so with common sense and precaution.

With your active participation, we can make the November dicussion a resourceful guide for all parents. (Then, Sandeepa can find a publisher, print it as a book and make us all famous ;))

Here's to a Healthy November! and To a United Battle against the Germs!


Tharini said...

What a theme! Its incredibly appropriate for the season! We're going to have plenty of naattu vaidhyam to talk about now! Is homeo included? Cos that's the first thing that sprang to my mind.

mnamma said...

:) paati vaidhyam is the best! Excellent theme choice Kodi's Mom - very appropriate for the flu season.

IBH said...

oh i have one already...and that has been my gonna post about the same :)

mummyjaan said...

(Tharini, yours is the first comment and I don't see Asha anywhere - have you scared her away? :D )

It's a good topic - my mum had a few (delicious) herbal remedies that I remember. She made one when my hubby had the flu, and my little girl tasted it....she liked it so much that we had a tough time keeping her away from it.

Will post it up.

Asha said...

Here I am Mummyjaan!!;D
Been swamped with extra work these days but happy to be here now!:))

Kodi's mom, I am a doctor's wife! Will not use anything other than regular medical doctor prescribed medicine at home! I bet it's not a surprise for you!:D
I know lot of Homeopathic medicine work too but it takes a long time to really cure but might help you keep in in good health if use them regularly on a daily basis.
Got to be careful what you use too, lot of quacks out there who sell you anything for money.
I will be interested in reading all about "other" medicines but will not be using them though!:)
Looking forward to all the articles. Now let me go and take my lemon and honey concoction!!;p

Sandeepa said...

Good choice K Mom, reminds me of your post in I guess early March in your blog.

Yes, and let me go and find apublisher first :D

Kodi's Mom said...

Tharini: Abosolutely! Homeo and ayurveda were definitely what I was thinking of too- I just didn't explicitly state it.

mnamma: glad to meet a fellow believer of paati vaidhyam...I sometimes think my paati deserves a phd for all her harmless, yet efective concoctions!

ibh: yay! be the first to post!

mummyjaan: if you're posting something for the grown-ups, do state so in the post...but I've found that most concoctions are ok for the little ones too, if they're diluted. look forward to your yummy rememdies!

Asha: yea, when I said doctor's wife, I was referring to you and only you :) would love to hear your perspective expanded to a post, if you have some time! or more abt the lemon-honey combo :)

Kodi's Mom said...

Sandeepa: amazing you still remember that post! (and that I still haven't posted it here! ;)) hope to bring that back to tie in with this theme...

Ramya said...

Yha we were hit with cough and cold headaches the first in the season and little fever too. thank god no ear infection and now everything is well. And my kiddo is doing good and i caught all of it.ha ha......

Sandeepa said...

Yeah K Mom, I remmeber all odd things. But if you ask me my cars license plate # I don't have a clue. Maybe should try "Alternative Treatment" for that too ;-)

Gauri said...

Ginger !!!!
Helps tremendously.
What I do is extract the juice and mix it up with a little bit of sugar and have both kids consume this on a daily basis thru winter.You could mix the ginger juice in honey too if you want to avoid the sugar but honey does lead to constipation in many kids.

If you feel you can slip the ginger juice into a cup of milk and get away with it - that works too !!

bird's eye view said...

That's a great theme, Kodi's mom. It really is appropriate since junta seems to have been hit by virals and so on lately. i'm sniffling myself as I write this - cold made worse by putting away summer clothes and bringing out winter ones!

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