Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help!!! Unwanted visitors at home! :(

Hello dear DMC members and readers,

One fine day, we found we had a few visitors at home - Uninvited! We were shocked to see them. ARGH! Unwanted visitors they were.. We told them politely - 'Please go away'... No, they didn't! Our manners were gone by now and we were getting restless and said 'Go away, we don't want to see you! And the guests didn't go even when we turned rude... We didn't know how else to send them back to where they came from.

Our animal instincts took over and we started killing them - one by one. Yeah, all our Indian hospitality was long gone and we killed our guests. There was just no other way. Now, Darwin may call it 'Survivial of the fittest'... we just didn't care. We wanted them gone and they weren't listening to polite requests. So, we kept killing them. And then, a few more guests of the same kind showed their heads in a few days. And yes, they were brutally murdered. We also called the apartment's helpline to send us somebody from the guest-control department and though they came and did what they could... the guests kept coming - some days they came in twos... but mostly it was a lone guest... and we kept killing. They haven't visited us for a few days now... They do seem to have all been wiped out by us. But we never know whether they will be coming again or not... I have come to a point where I can scream at the sight of anymore of those guests... Not even one.

This is why we ask your help... what would you do to avoid unwanted pesky little cockroaches coming to your home? Any sprays? Any solutions on the kitchen counter? Any natural methods? Any other ways? And if they come, how would you destroy them?

Help please!


Asha said...

We spray store bought Pesticides all around the house and the garage to seal every 3 months. You get concentrated liquid, mix with water and to spray with a sprayer. You get them Lowe's.
Home Depot or even Walmart Super Centers. It protects for 3 months, and you will have to spray promptly (noting the date) every months.
Right now, you can buy little tablets for Kitchen and garage. Keep all the surfaces clean and crumbless.Hope it helps!:)

Sandeepa said...


Sometime back there were these tiny little rats in our basement (it is a walkout with woods at the back) It was a nightmare !!!

Somehow they all disappeared but we were so afraid that we are getting the basement done.

My friend at NYC had cockroaches arriving at her home too. guess it is a big city problem :D You need to give them their space too:)

Your "pest control" should do whatever they did at fixed intervals I guess. As around neighbors too.

indosungod said...

Kay, they are a big irritation, they bother DH more than they do me. I am sure you are following these precautions but I will mention them just the same. Do not leave food items on the counter top and food particles on the sink overnight, they are usually what attracts them.

I do not have a remedy that will surely work.

Rachel said...

I suggest you a clean kitchen can keep them at bay.. What I have done is got a pest control treatment done..They do it every three months..They inject a sort of gel into the crevices..

Kay said...

Thanks Asha, Sandeepa, Indo and Rachel!

Asha, There's home depot and walmart super centers here.. Having a little one at home makes me wary of spraying pesticides at home... I guess I'll go look for those little tablets and put those in places she cant reach.

Sandeepa, That's exactly how I scream when I see one. :) I guess it's a big city problem too.. yeah, we'll call the pest control once again, just in case..

Rachel, yeah, I'll have to call them again to do whatever they did a month back..

Indo, they get on my nerves like no other...

Asha, Indo and Rachel, sure, I'm making sure there are no food stuff on the counter or anywhere else. I've made up my mind to wipe them all out... let's see how it goes.

Miniyamma said...

Boric acid is the best remedy for getting rid of cockroaches and is totally harmless too. Google for boric acid + cockroach and you will get lots or resources.
Try this - mix, boric acid powder + little atta (wheat flour) + little sugar + milk to make a dough like chapatti dough. Make small balls of this dough and dry it in the sun for one day. Now place these balls in all places that cockroaches frequent. Soon you will see dead cockroaches and in a matter of 2-3 weeks, the cockroaches would have disappeared from your home
I have tried the same and can vouch for the solution. The logic is that boric acid dehydrates the cockroaches slowly and kills them. Adding atta and sugar is to entice them to take a bite.

Kay said...

Wow, miniyamma! A tried and tested solution... how can I not try? Thanks very much for posting about this. Though I haven't seen any in the past one week, I'm sure there must be one or two somewhere.... We don't have much of sun to dry the balls but I can dry them by the heater at night. Will try out your tip soon.

And Where can I get boric acid? home depot?

Kay said...

Miniyamma, IS borax the same as boric acid?

swapna susarla said...

Even i too want help in this sandeepa.:-(
I use store bought pesticides.

Rachel said...

boric acid is a good tip..but is it safe with children around? I find it difficult to keep napthalene balls away from her sight!!!

bird's eye view said...


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