Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home made remedies....

I love this topic of Kai vaidhiyam- Home made remedies. My Paternal grandfather was this reputed allopathic doctor in Madurai and he was celebrated by his patient’s coz he was this – *Rasiyana* Doctor. (‘Lucky’ doctor). My father in law on the other hand is a manager of a small Ayurveda medicine company in a small but famous town in Kerala. So I have had the experience of an allopathic treatment and as well of the Ayurvedic treatment. Dare I say, that I am now very skeptical about using the so called ‘English Medicines’ over natural ones (with due respect to my deceased and wonderful man- my “thatha”). So here is the list of things that has proven handy and useful for our family.

Congestion and Runny nose for babies – This one is a best alternate for any medicine. When Kaju was under the weather, my Mom suggested that I use this ‘groundnut oil’ heated with garlic. I did the same, and rubbed it on her chest, nose and head while warm and bearable by the baby. She responded well for this, the next day she woke up fresh and smiley.

Indigestion for babies – This was already mentioned by another fellow mom but let me now tell how I introduced this to Kaju. Kaju was on her first solids when she was 6 months old and it didn’t set well with her. She didn’t poop for almost 2 days and that scared the *shit* out of me. My doctor at my beck and call, my mom, gave me this wonderful solution and has been the best remedy till date if I have to have kaju poop and clear her stomach. Ajwain (Omam in Tamil)– Yes the magical Ajwain. But wait, it is Ajwain water and this is the preparation for it.

Take 2 teaspoons of Ajwain (omam in Tamil).
Dry roast the ajwain in a wok or a kadai.
Once the aroma comes out, pour water to the ratio of 1 tsp: one cup.
Bring it to boil.
Once it is lukewarm, strain the water.
Take two ounces of this water and feed the baby and viola the poop comes out and you are relieved.

There will be resistance for this water from the baby, as it will be little spicy due to Ajwain, so instead of directly feeding the baby with this water, you can mix it with her solids or even formulae or your own milk and feed her the same.

Isn’t baby’s poop the most relieving factor in our life at this point?;)

Another interesting yet powerful home made remedy is the following.

Raisins – yes, soak the raisins in warm water till it puffs up and then mash the raisins with spoon, strain the water and feed the water to the baby and viola indigestion is cleared and stomach is clear  This was my best bud’s mom’s remedy and it worked extremely well with Teju and also with kaju.

Rasanadhi Podi – This is an ayurvedic powder that you get in almost all the ayurvedic medical stores now a day. Take a pinch of this powder and apply it on your scalp after every hairwash.This will prevent from getting cold and my father in law has been using this powder for almost 30 years now and have started applying this for kaju as well. It helps in a great deal.

Indigestion/Gassy feeling in Adults – Fermented buttermilk is a best medicine. Relieves the pain and bloated feeling. Buttermilk along with fenugreek will also help in menstrual cramps.

Menstrual cramps: you can use the above combination of buttermilk with fenugreek and drink it frequently for menstrual cramps and also use the following preparation for the menstrual cramps.

I was one of very few unlucky ones when it comes to menstrual cramps. During my college days I have had poor attendance due to the same reason. So my mom used to do t his home made remedy of making a ball out of coriander leaves and mix it with buttermilk and made me drink from 3 days before my monthly cycle. It does not give you instant relief but on a regular basis, it has helped me by reducing the level of pain that once used to bother me very bad.

Constipation after delivery - I was heavily constipated for almost a week after kaju’s birth. This generally happens in delivery of big babies and I was no exception. Oats porridge it is and helps in great deal in overcoming constipation issues.

Castor oil – This has been savior of my life. Being in a profession that has you stare at the monitor for more than 10 hours, your eyes becomes all puffy and heat established with dirt falling of from the sides of your eyes. Even if I keep cucumbers all over my eyes, it does not really help me reduce the puffiness nor did leave freshness in my eyes.But castor oil. Just apply castor oil on your eyes and also the surrounding region for one hour or so and wash it off with warm water. Acts as an excellent coolant. But beware, if applied a lot or for a longer time, you might end up catching a cold.

Turmeric and Pepper – Excellent remedy for cold and coughs, in adult, if mixed with warm milk and drunk.

Garlic – Already mentioned, but this not just helps you control cholesterol but also is very good lactating moms. Fenugreek also helps improve the milk production in lactating moms.

Chukku Kaapi for cold– Ginger is more than a spice and yes I say ‘aye’ to this article.

Neem Flower(veppam poo)- During my childhood days I used to hate sundays, coz that is when mom used to make this rasam out of Neem flower(veppam poo). We used to follow strict 'pathiya sapadu'-medicinal food and it is used to cleanse our system.Neem flower (veppam poo rasam)rasam is prepared to help prevent worms in the stomach.It is also helpful in preventing stomachache due to constipation.

I can keep jotting down the endless natural remedies and its benefits. But the space is not enough. Thank you Kodi's mom for this wonderful theme for November.


Kavitha said...

thats a nice list..thanks a lot for posting all those remedies..
A quick question regarding the remedy for runny/congested nose - should it be only groundnut oil or does any oil (canola/corn/sesame/olive/coconut etc) work?
My baby is currently having a very bad runny nose and just want to save a trip to the store for buying groundnut oil !!!

bird's eye view said...


That's a wonderful list of remedies! Thanks.

IBH said...

Kavitha - yes as per my mom, ground nut oil it is....some of the other oils you have mentioned are actually coolants and will actually incude cold in baby's would suggest if you try it out with ground nut oil....hey try giving him steam inhalation every now and then...that will clear the could Euclyptus oil in that....

BEV - thanks..yours was also very helpful...

mnamma said...

Thanks IBH for the wonderful list of remedies. The Veppam Poo rasam was often made in our house also :) Also it was also fried with a little bit of ghee and eaten mixed with rice for upset stomachs. Your list was an very good compilation. Thanks again.

Kodi's Mom said...

that is a long and detailed list, IBH! thanks so much for sharing the wealth of knowledge and having an ayurvedic professional in the family must be a priceless gift!!!

I love veppam poo, the way mnamma suggests - roast in ghee, and eat with plain rice - yummy :)

MeMona said...

Was great reading .....this theme for Nov is really a hit with us cause helps us to share our ideas and concerns...thanks to all moms who have shared their info and views.

MeMona said...

Was great reading .....this theme for Nov is really a hit with us cause helps us to share our ideas and concerns...thanks to all moms who have shared their info and views.

MeMona said...

Was great reading .....this theme for Nov is really a hit with us cause helps us to share our ideas and concerns...thanks to all moms who have shared their info and views.

Prats said...

nice reading this...I follow home remedies most of the time and it has helped....

Rachel said...

That is a lovely list..
I have been using the rasanadi podi on my toddler immediately after her bath ever since her frontal part of the skull had firmed.

AnuSriram said...

yes IBH, Kai vaidhyam is always a good one as it doesn't have any side effects.. i too follow them at home... Thanks for sharing these tips.

sukanya2 said...


Kavitha had asked if she could use any other oil for a runny/congested nose. She could also use mustard oil. It's used mainly by the North Indians for its heat giving properties and is more often used in winter.

Regards/Sukanya Karthick

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