Friday, November 9, 2007

In the News

Happy Diwali Everyone

Desi Momz Club aka DMC gets a mention in the The Telegraph

Please remmeber we need more Kids Recipes for Kids Food Fest. Every Saturday post kid friendly recipes please. More details HERE


Asha said...

Happy Diwali to all of you, enjoy.

mnamma said...

Happy Deepavali Sandeepa!! Enjoy the day!!!

mummyjaan said...

That is COOL!!!

Happy Diwali, everyone.

indosungod said...

Great! that is pretty cool.

MeMona said...

Happy Deewali to everyone !

I want to post my query to whoever in charge of DMC that what do we have to do to become a member of DMC.
I have written a mail to the club but no reply...
Please can someone help me !


Sandeepa said...


You have to be a bit patient. The admins have a life besides being the admin. They are Moms, have a full time job outside home, have lots to do at home, and in their spare time do their bit for DMC.

So once they get some time they will surely respond.


MeMona said...


Thanks a lot Sandeepa for responding....i understand the responsibility and hats off to all the moms of this club who have made this like a hang out place.

Looking forward to blogging,


Saheli said...

Wow! Way to go DMC!
Also, our own Tharini's blog Winkie's way is mentioned too. Good job!