Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Passed on from generation to generation!

Post by Rachel

I have actually many remedies regarding colds and flu passed on right from my great grandmothers, grandmothers, mother, mil, aunts and so on.. Everybody considers it their right to pitch in with their remedies.. Some of the remedies work ..some don't and neither of them are amused when you tell them that their remedy didn't work..

Anyways if your child or for matter even an adult is suffering from cough, what you need to do is to roast a few cloves of garlic and then mash it..and apply the paste on the throat..It does cause a relief…

For a nose block, roast a pepper corn and let the child inhale the smoke.

A spoon of honey a day is healthy for the child. And now since L is three, I mix a little turmeric powder in the honey when she has a cold or any other symptoms.

I soak two almonds the previous night and get her to eat them the next morning. This has increased her immunity. If it has to be force it..I powder the soaked almonds and mix it in the honey and make her have it.

Ginger mashed mixed with honey is also another remedy to prevent cold.

If the child has trouble sleeping because of a congested chest, mash garlic into ghee and massage it onto their chest and back before they are put to sleep.

There are more and it would take days to type it all in..

These are some of the most useful and very productive at that..


Asha said...

Great post Rachel!:))

MeMona said...

A very cute and crisp post by one handy information and best of all easily available...i am defenitely going to try many of these.....


Kodi's Mom said...

thank you for sharing your 'heirloom' remedies!
I didn't know soaked almonds increased mom used to force me to eat them when I was a kid, so I'd have shinier hair...and of course, I hated it! maybe I should revisit the box of almonds in the dark corner of the kitchen cabinet :)

hope you'll share a few more remedies!

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Rachel, shall incorporate the Almond with honey

Shivapriya said...

very informative and helpful post Rachel.Thanks a ton.

MahaVishnu said...

Hi ,
I am wondering if these can actually be called remedies - because you know what they say about cold - 'with treatment it lasts a week without it - 7 days'. It's a virus and by the time the symptoms have presented themselves, it has already begun mutating. Don't you think? I have been subjected to many of these 'treatments' myself during my childhood, and some of them do taste good - especially the ones with honey involved. A temporary relief is all I remember from these treatments. But I wonder if the it is placebo induced or real? Just a question. No disrespect intended at anyone.

Rachel said...

Asha Thanks! :)

Memona Do try..and let me know

Kodi's Mom Oh please do get back to eating those almonds....

Sandeepa Your welcome! Will share the remaining soon!

Shivapriya Thanks!

Rachel said...

Maha vishnu First the word "remedy" means to either cure, relieve pain or provide relief..

So why wait until your child or you develop a cold..Cold is a viral infection ..but these are remedies to lessen their frequency and also remedies to provide relief..

For instance..a typical child is bound to catch a cold several many times a year..and I definitely would not want to give syrups and pills at each occurrence ..i'd rather give the child natural ingredients that would benefit the child.

About the temporary relief that you say you had, that could be placebo-induced as well????

Like they say> Prevention is better than cure!

No disrespect intended!

bird's eye view said...

Good post Rachel,

I've been doing the soaked almond bit with my 4 year old but not my baby - i should start!

swapna susarla said...

Thanku for these remedies rachel!!i don't know about the garlic that much.

mummyjaan said...

My mum used to give us the soaked almond and say it was great for health. I think I'd better start with my kids too.

Your post is like a reminder

Rachel said...

Bird's eye view How old is your baby?

Swapna Susarla Trust me..the garlic tip is a tested and trusted one atleast at my place..Anyway the choice is yours!

Mummyjaan That's nice to know!

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