Friday, November 16, 2007

Simple home remedies

Hi all , I am new to this blog. I was reading this topic and was reminded of my mother ..she loves these home-made treatments and I grew up on them !
Some of the ones I remember from my childhood -

1. Honey to treat minor burns.
2. When you get a small cut , mix turmeric in warm ghee and put it on the wound.
3. Ajwain soaked in hot/warm water for indigestion.

I was reading some of the other posts and recalled fond memories of some of the treatments mentioned :)


Sandeepa said...

Thanks YV.

The ajwain, we used to tie it in a cloth, warm the cloth sack and put on my little daughters tummy when she was colicky. Don't know if it helped but we did it almost every evening during that time :)

MeMona said...

Welcome to DMC...i am also new to this club...i still need to give my intro....comments though small help to keep this club alive...

It is wonderful for all of us to take a break from our daily humdrum and pour out our inner self..just wish if we all could meet wishes !

Asha said...

Welcome to the new member. Remedies ounds good YV. I never did any of these with my kids though. Med Doctor is in family!:)

swapna susarla said...

Hi Welome to the moms world!!I always use the 2nd tip.we take raw ajwain for indigestion.thanku for these tips.

Vara said...

Hi All...Its great to see Momz meet and share thoughts and remedies in this site.I love natural remedies and keep calling my mom and granny if my kids get sick..!Natural remedies are for ever and sites like "Desi Momz" are keeping them active and alive,which is priceless for everyone of us and for coming generations...Its an era where there are no joint family systems and all of us are away from our parents and grandparents..Developing such sites can help our culture and discoveries of our forefathers live with us for ever.

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