Friday, November 9, 2007

Toy recalls - Toxic Toys

I am sure we all have heard about the lead paint related toy recalls,and the disturbing stories around the use of banned substances in toys and the harmful effects on children - aqua dot story being the most recent one.

Well, there's another issue that we don't often hear about - thanks to the powerful toy industry lobbying in America, consumers are kept in dark and we become victims of consumerism. This one's about the use of legal toxins such as Phthalates.

This article discusses Phthalates in toys and how California is the only state in the country to pass a bill prohibiting the sale of phathalate toys.

Consumer Products Safety Commission, CPSC is the government agency that regulates the industry. They regularly update on their website, all the toys that have been recalled. Here's the list so we know what's been recalled so far:

Didn't know modern day evil (narakasura) could come in the form of toys in order to hurt our children. Let's try and stay enlightened this Diwali on the various forces of evil around us so we know best how to protect our children safe and healthy! Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali! :-)



Kay said...

Phthalates! I happened to read an article on phthalates when I got pregnant. Many of the common body lotions, nail polishes had phthalates in them and this was said to cause birth defects.. I haven't used any of my body lotions after that. Let me see if I can find the link again.

Why, oh, why does the industry think they can do poor quality checks and get away with it?

Rachel said...

That is scary!!.... I was surprised to find mattel and fischer price among the list...

Sandeepa said...

Toy recall is getting frequent by the day. Just last week there was this sad accident caused by aquadots

But it is so hard to stay strict and restrict toys that are not made in China. There are very few made else where and they are expensive.

The Toy Industry should have more stringent tests instead of just blaming on some other country

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