Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here I go!

Once in a while, I crave for a nice home made biryani.... Who doesn't? :) Especially in this winter? And whenever this urge came, I succumbed and made a quick fix (read: horrible) biryani made in rice cooker or using pressure pan. The rice cooker or pressure pan were not at fault, but my quick fix methods were. :)

And the cravings just increased (Noooooooooooo, I'm not pregnant!). I wished I could get off my lazy bum and make a real biryani but kept postponing it... half-cook the rice, half-cook the chicken in the masala, layer them and bake - just yummylicious!!! I do make a good biryani Should I say, used to make? So, when was it that I made a full length biryani? hmmm... It was when my mil was here...When was that? A year ago?? :o Wow, Am I this lazy?

So, you guys where this is going, right? I chose December's theme and I have to something that I wish I did........... So, I did it! I made the biryani yesterday evening - a full length biryani - a sumptuous one if I can say so.

And I didn't stop there... Last weekend, I invited some friends over for lunch and dinner. I love having people over. Ever since the baby came, I had just stopped inviting friends. And oh, that baby is a toddler now, so, you know how much time has passed. Thankfully I have great friends who kept inviting me and fed me and my family, but I never got to give back some of that love. So, last weekend, I had invited some friends and had a great time with them. :) And I plan to do this very often from now on. It wasn't difficult at all and I just loved it.

What else did I do? Ah!!! I went to the gym yesterday morning - first time in three years. yayyy! Before that, I used to be a health-nut before that and practically live in the gym. In the last 3 yrs, I had done some exercises at home - yoga sometime, pilates sometime, treadmill sometime but exercising at home didn't thrill me to bits like the gym did. It also helped that there is a very nice gym in my apartment building. I had been thinking forever that I should go there and see how I like it... I finally did it yesterday.

So, Anybody else joining me this month? Cmon guys, let's just do it.
Read more details at Daring December.


MeMona said...

Way to go! Hats off to your biryani making....cause i too am so lazy when it comes to cooking something elaborate.It is indeed satisfying to do or make something which you really want to do and must say takes lots of Guts !

Bravo !

karmickids said...

Congrats. That was a really big task done. While I can just about get through everyday cooking, rustling up something so elaborate is beyond the pale for me.

Kay said...

Thanks mona and kiran for encouraging! :) Feels so good that I could get off my ass and do these!

I have another post coming soon. :)

Sandeepa said...

Great Job Kay, a dare that also brought home tasty results :)

Somethink like baking was on my mind for the daring theme this month, but circumstances seem to steer me the other way

Kay said...

Cmon, you chicken! Leave the baking and goto next one in your list. you got to do something!

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