Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday crafts

Decoupage Christmas Tree

This year, me and Winkie have been really proactive and well ahead of time in getting done with some of our holiday crafts. First was the Christmas gift for his teacher. We made a little Christmas tree from scratch on regular craft paper, with bits of mulberry scraps and mounted onto a picture frame. It was very easy to do, and Winkie was able to help too. Of course, I guided him in the 'exact' placement of each bit of paper and he was careful to do that. And then, I had him do another one, all by himself, without me breathing down his neck, as a reward for following instructions so nicely on the first one. And this is what he came up with. Once he got done with it, he was more than a little upset that his didn't look like mine, and didn't look like a Christmas tree at all. I had to convince him that it was a special tree. But he could be mollified only after we got another frame to mount his on. Phew!

Beaded Ganesha

Taking off from the Christmas tree, I started thinking about New Year's greetings and general season's greetings, when a little container of beads that I had had on me for a long time, peeped out at me from the craft box. And so came into form this little beaded Ganesha. Again, an outline was drawn on some heavy craft paper and I glued little bits on the paper and positioned the beads, first forming the outline and then filling it in as best as I could. Winkie couldn't help me with this one, but he did watch for a while. It took me about 3 hours, done in little batches of time to finish it.

The best part of trying something new is that newer ideas come into being along the way. By the end of it, your mind is buzzing with ideas and it just gets better and better. An idea I had while doing this one, is that I could have gotten different coloured beads for the eyes, and for the different body parts etc. It would have looked more interesting. Then I started thinking about doing a little more elaborate work that could be mounted as wall art eventually. The possibilities are endless.

But for now, these 2 simple craft ideas for the holiday season! Have fun.


Sandeepa said...

Beautiful Tharini. You have immense patience to sit and do this with Winkie. The Ganesha Is beautiful.

I was intending to ask Moms out here, what christmas gift I should buy for S's teachers ? And I see this beautiful craft here. Tharini, do you give something else along with this too ?

What about others ?

Tharini said...

Thanks Sandeepa. No I don't give anything else alongwith this. She actually doesn't expect anything at all so this would be a surprise.

mummyjaan said...

Tharini, you're very creative. And patient, of course.

SJ said...

Tharini, how lovely. The Ganesha is awesome. Bookmarking this for little A to try early next year.

Rachel said...

lovely idea for a gift! very creative.

MeMona said...

Must admire your patience for this lovely craft work....I love this idea and going to try it out for myself...

GiftGuru said...

Those trees are so cute. If Winkie needs ideas on some easy kids crafts ideas, check out my blog:

Easy Kids Crafts

mnamma said...

Beautiful! I have some very small beads like this in my daughter's jewellery kit. Now I'll put it to good use :)

Sheela said...

simply gorgeous, T! and i am amazed that Winkie has the patience to do the tree so well! And the Ganesha is beautiful... i read that you assembled it over 3 hours patiently...

Have you tried to just apply glue to the areas you want the beads to stick to and sprinkle the beads so they stick and brush off the rest? lazy me does this for beadwork on paper :) unless the beadwork needs to be 3D or multi-layered/stacked, this method works well for a single neat layer of beads, seems less labor intensive and gets done faster :)

Tharini said...

Thank you all. Hope you'll be tempted to try it.

Mnamma : Let me know whow it turned out for you. Would love to see.

Sheela : I thought abt it, but I wanted these beads to sit in just one direction, you know what I mean? And without any gaps at all. I don't know how this would have worked with sprinkling.

Sheela said...

i think i see what you mean, T - now, this won't work easily for the stacked 3D multi-layered look, but, what i have also done at times is to place the card with glue applied (can do it in portions - like apply glue only to only one part and then wait to do other parts similarly) and place it in a tray, then pour/fill the tray with beads slowly, purposefully, and leave the card sort of submerged in the beads - this seems to leave no gaps - so far :) maybe i just had the right sized beads and got lucky...

However, since you certainly seem to have the patience and dedication, I am sure assembling the beads as you did was very relaxing and sort of a zen-like activity.

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