Monday, December 17, 2007

I wish I....

I didn't have to think hard about what to post for Daringly Different December. It was easy to come up with a list of half dozen. Here is the top one on my list. Thanks, Kay, for the push.

Please, no laughs and smirks. It won't help me get anywhere!
I wish I could swim.

It is pathetic, I know. Not knowing to swim. As a kid, I missed out on swim lessons. My school built a brand new pool and made swimming part of curriculum with all the hard earned money my parents poured in. Unfortunately, it was a tad too late for me; the pool was inagaurated the year I left :(

It is not like I haven't tried since then. One summer, I thought I should just get an outfit (err...swimsuit) first and see how comfortable I felt in it. I spent about 15 frustrating minutes in the relevant section and convinced myself that they just didn't make any that would fit both my size and my inhibition. I called my husband on the phone, weeped my woes out to him and melodramatically ran out of the store.

The next season, I tried again. I figured I should pay the money and sign up for the classes first, and that would force me to shed all inhibitions and full sleeved clothes. One week before the payment was due, I discovered I was pregnant.

There ended that thought. Two years later, I am still in the "I wish I could..."
stage. But the dream hasn't been squashed, only fueled some more.

Here's my ray of hope - my son doesn't know to swim either! Maybe I could learn with him?


Kay said...

kodi's mom, just jump in (no pun intended!) check out your nearest community centre - usually the winter classes start in January. ask dh to watch the kiddo and take the beginner class... even better ask dh to go with kodi for a parent and tot class when you can take an adult class for yourself?? that's what we are planning to this January. dh will take his class while I take dd to parent and tot class since both are in the same place. :)

I have taken a class before but I wasn't regular neither did I practice at home... These are the only two things that can get you to swim. I'm planning to take the swimming class in spring.

And about the swimsuit... you might want to try what I did..get a tankini and swimming shorts which are loose .. Easy to get a good fit and my inhibitions didn't trouble me much that way.

yes, the only way to do it is pick up the phone and register for the class.

yep, you can do it!!!

DotMom said...

once you learn the pleasures of just floating, you will be glad you did learn. Go for it. there are wonderful classes at the YMCA/county parks for toddlers and moms. about swimsuit inhibition, try wearing it in the shower. I will encourage you to get a nice one piece, with no frills because it will give your legs freedom to move correctly. Also once in the pool, they can only see you only wait up! Let us know how your swimming lessons go!

mummyjaan said...

Kodi's Mom, go for it!! Once you start swimming, you will never want to stop. I wish you good luck.

Half the month is over and I still don't know what to do :/ Any ideas people? I've put bungee jumping on hold till I lose weight...:)

mnamma said...

Kodi's Mom,
Unfortunately I am not of much help here since I have so many inhibitions myself on the swimwear front! But like Kay, Dotmom and Mummyjan points out - all you have to do is just take the initial step and you'll probably let go of your inhibitions.

Rachel said...

hey I think you should just go for it..sounds easy to say right!! Nowadays you get bodysuits that cover your entire body!! You could go in for that.. I learnt swimming when i was in the 8th grade and since then to date , I always ask someone to wait near the steps at the pool with a towel..and soon as i'm out, i wrap myself and run for the changing room!!!

mummyjaan said...

Oh, er, I think I missed the line where you wrote about the 'inhibitions'. Rest assured, I have those too.

As Rachel said, there are full body-suits available. I learned to swim in one of them, with not an inch of skin showing below my neck (except my hands and feet).

I guess it's important to feel comfortable with what you're doing.

When you're learning one important skill, it would be better to feel at ease with regard to those 'other worries', so you can concentrate on and enjoy the main task at hand, viz., swimming.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll learn swimming this year.

DR said...

Hi Kodis mom..
I missed swimming lessons too when i was "young" as in "young".!!
Then after lots of hesitation, last year I managed to buy a swim suit and book started very well...I enjoyed every moment of it...but then it stopped when we had to move houses. After that we had a very very bad period when A+ had a very very bad accident ..I could barely manage work, little A, home ....forget swimming lessons!
So as of today, i can float...

But all hopes are not lost....plan to start again..lets see.....

But bottomline is...WE CAN DO IT! LETS DO IT!!


Tharini said...

Ahhh! I relate, I relate, I relate. So so relate. Good to see all the inputs and ideas on swimsuits. Can't say, go for it, as I am in the same place as you are!

Kay said...

Just remembered this - I so wanted to drive.. After a zillion years in US without driving, I picked up the courage and the book and read it and gave the test. Then came lots of rains.. about 4-5 months of rains!!! It was charlotte, NC. what can I tell?

After the rains stopped, DH takes me to an empty parking lot for a driving lesson... then the next day, I discover I'm pregnant. :)

The child is 15 months now and I cant drive yet.

Kodi's Mom said...

All: thank you so much for the
"just do it" words of encouragement and for swimsuit tips - you guys are the best cheerleaders one could ask for!!

Tharini: yay! I have company!

Kay: about your driving: my turn to say 'just do it'?! In all fairness though, learning to drive (in the US at least) is much easier than learning to swim, so only a matter of committing time, right?

Kay said...

yeah, true! I'm giving the test in Jan. :) I was planning to do it this month, as a part of this Dec theme, but it's all snowstorms here, kodi's mom. Will wait for this to clear and give my test. (you register for swimming class and I promise to give the written test. what say you?)

mummyjaan, if it's too daunting, skip it and goto the next in wishlist. when you are ready, you can bunjee jump. btw, it's an awesome experience. :) I did it when I was a really crazy girl, before I got married.

Sandeepa said...

So I am not the only weirdo :D The errrr outfit thing seems to be my biggest inhibition and then the locker room at the gym :)

Maybe we should have a pool in our backyard and no not the above ground one ;-)

Actually if you have a friend with a pool you can try there

Sandeepa said...


About the whole body swim suit. Where can I get it ? Won't people laugh there heads off seeing me in it ? Actually have not seen anyone at the gym or community pool wearing it

Kay said...

sandeepa, This is one example bodysuit

if what people think affects your comfort factor, then find something else in which you can feel comfortable. Bcos being comfortable in your suit will help yourself learn faster.

There are swimming shorts too lined with mesh stuff...very comfortable like normal shorts. Try it on. you might like it.

bird's eye view said...

Hey Kodi's mom,

You should take the plunge - and you won't worry about how you look once you see all the pot-bellied men who hang out at the pool as if they're Cary Grant! Swimming is terrific for toning up and lots of fun to do with kids. Best of luck!