Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shame there a safe place on this planet for ALL children ?


mummyjaan said...

I hate it when doc's go on strike. These kinds of strikes only happen in India.

I happened to witness a strike by some consultant physicians the first year that I spent in Ireland, and the only thing that was affected was the non-urgent out-patient clinic appointments. Other than that, all the doc's came and saw the inpatients and worked in the Emergency as usual. It was a very civilized 'strike'. It lasted for 2 weeks, which translated into about 4 missed out-patient clinics.

Contrast that with India where the Emergency Services doctors go off duty as well. It's not nice.

However, Dee, don't go by the headline alone. The article says that 4 children dying every day in Niloufer Hospital is normal, strike or no strike. It's sad truth, but it's believable.

Dee said...

yeah...even without going by the headline, the fact that 4 children die everyday sends a message...does'nt it. Its sad that these children have to pay the price inspite of all the tax money that is 'supposed' to go into a decent govt. hospital.

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