Sunday, December 9, 2007

This was long overdue !

Sorry that was a mistake ! i clicked on enter too soon. Well ! for the last 10 yrs that i have been in US i never learnt to drive. Being in downtown, it was pretty easy for me to walk down whenever and wherever i wanted to not depending on my hubby.I also had the luck of having many friends within the apartment bldg. But now there is a big difference. We have moved to the suburbs and the thought of being not able to go out scares me....I felt trapped though we go out on weekends and even mid week for other stuff.i had to be independent i felt to be able to go out and do what i want.

The thought of learning to drive sends shivers up my spine. Am I going to meet with an accident, is somebody going to hit me from behind ....i had nightmares. But then these things have to be overlooked. i decided what the hell just go and do it.
Well! i have given my exam and have taken a few driving lessons.I am not yet confident but i am on my way to becoming a new me. It is going to be sometime before i learn to fully drive and get comfy. Till then the heart is beating really fast. Can you all mommies listen to it !


Sandeepa said...

This could very well fit with this months "dare" theme.

Driving can be very liberating once you get the hang of it. But I am still afraid of driving on one of the major highways in my state though I have driven for 5 hours straight while on our trip to Maine.

It is a case of mental block, at least for me. So overcome that and you should do great

Kay said...

Yayyyyyyy! Way to go, girl!! I'm sooooooo proud of you. :)

I have one of those mental blocks.. All my years in US, I had friends who chauffeured me around..and after coming here, I've been postponing giving the written exam.. Argh! I better do it too. :)

MeMona said...

Thanks Sandeepa and Kay for the feedback !

mnamma said...

I echo Sandeepa and Kay here. It is a case of mental block and you just have to try a little bit harder to overcome it. Once you get into the groove you'll be surprised by how easy it is :)

bird's eye view said...

This fits in with dare for the month. Congrats. Also, in case you haven't come across my 7 weird things entry - not driving is one of my things, I have a fear od driving - autophobia? Chauffeuritis? whatever. I'm so impressed by you - and hope I'll be inspired to finally start driving too.

MeMona said...

Though i have a never-ending list of what i could have done in life, this one was the top of the list cause it surely was a Big mental block...i kept postponing it for yrs till a voice (could be Goddess Durga and not my hubby ) echoed in my dreams to give me a boon.So thanks Mnamma and birdseyeview for the support !

mummyjaan said...

Hi, Memona. I'm glad you took the first step.

I am what you would call a 'timid' driver. It took me a long time to shake the fear off and actually drive comfortably.

The first step is to convince yourself that you can do it and think positively. Nobody will hit your car from behind unless you break suddenly and unexpectedly, so don't do that.

You're in the US, right? So you have the advantage of driving in an orderly place. Trust me, it's much easier than starting to drive in India. If it feels alright, have a trusted friend sit next to you the first few times (not a jumpy friend; rather, somebody who can look calm even if he's all nervy inside).

You'll be doing fine in no time. Good luck.