Monday, December 10, 2007

Toy Recalls

Just a quick note to help with holiday shopping for the wee ones in our lives... Here is one list of toy recalls I came across and was surprised to find many Fisher-Price toys listed there:

I know we try to buy age-appropriate, safe, tested and approved toys, but, as these incidents of toy recalls are becoming more widespread, I have begun to rethink gifting commercial toys for my nephews and nieces...

Here's US Consumer Product Safety Commission's exhaustive list;

(I will try to post the others as I come across them).


Kay said...
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Kay said...

Thanks Sheela for posting this. It's so easy to go and pick up a toy and enjoy it without knowing whether it's been recalled the very next day..

Sandeepa said...

Did you hear about "home lead test kit" they have come out with ? i wonder about all those painted wooden toys and the pots & pans we played with in childhood. Were all lead free ?

Even India has hoards of toys from China these days, and since the laws there are not as stringent, I am sure most of them have the lead paints too.
The relatives present many of these toys which actually look & work very good.
I never really paid attention until the recent recalls.