Tuesday, January 1, 2008

And some more!

Thanks everybody for participating in the theme of December. Those who dared to do what you wanted, I'm so proud of you all. :) It is definitely a step in the right direction. And you guys motivated me!

Dear mummyjaan, I left a comment for you - In case you missed it - here it is. If bunjee jumping seems scary, or it's not what to want to do right now, that's really alright, you need to really feel comfortable with the idea of bunjee jumping to actually jump. It's wonderful - do try it sometime. but right now, move it to somewhere in the middle of your wish list and dare to do the next wish in your list.

Coming back to the dare theme - I did some more stuff too - I emailed a letter of thanks to somebody... This lady that I mailed my thanks to - she had been my mentor during the most difficult times in my career. She was the one who taught me people skills and how to manage difficult people at work. Whenever she helped out with the right advice, I thanked her... but never really told her how much her help meant to me or how much I appreciated her. I have told a lot about that to some of my very good friends but not to her.. It was always in the back of my mind whenever I remembered her. Maybe there was some shyness, maybe a mental block as in 'Would she think I'm doing chamcha-giri'.. I finally dared and did it this month and guess what? She really appreciated it. And I feel a lot better.

Any of you have a Meitei? It's an awesome baby carrier. I was planning on making one for myself, even before the baby was born. The fabric - ready, notions - ready, sewing machine - ready, the courage and time to go ahead and do it - NOT! Buying one seemed so frivolous when I could make one myself. And I wasn't doing it. But I longed for one. If it allowed to keep my hands free, while still soothing my baby, it seemed in my book that it is the best thing in both worlds. So, this month, I went ahead and ordered one from a lovely lady. She makes one of the best MeiTeis around. It is a reversible one and has two hidden pockets and looks so good. And I'm in MeiTei heaven. :) But the best part of this is that my DD loves it and falls asleep in it pretty soon. She is all smiles and squeals (already!) of delight as soon as I take it out of the cupboard.

Thanks guys, it was a wonderful ride with you all, this month. And for the chickens, cluck cluck, cluck .... here's a wish - that you guys might dare too. Now, I can't wait to see what the theme for January is. :)


Asha said...

Happy new year to you Kay! Raising 2 teenagers is scary and daring enough! I don't need any Bungee jumping in my life!;D

Tharini said...

Wow! The meitei sounds cool! Good way to burn some more claroies too I guess! :)

mummyjaan said...

Hi, Kay. Thanks for the lovely theme. I did in fact read your comment and was going to come and post about my 'mini-dare', but I was left without my broadband the last few days of December - am waiting for it to commence in my new house and in the meantime, relying on dial-up.

In the work-up to possibly bungee-jump in the future, I dared myself to start (for the 1 millionth time) on a weight-loss and fitness programme. In the midst of all the packing, moving and unpacking, the 'healthy diet' didn't go too well, but thankfully, I have managed to stick to a brief exercise routine these last 2 weeks. (2 weeks!!! I stuck it out for 2 weeks!! Hear ye all!!)

This has made me feel better (an amazing discovery, what?) and more motivated to continue. The V-tech had been gathering dust for ages, so I took it out began using it. The weather is hopeless today (raining and icy cold) but I'm happy to say that I dared myself to go out for that 20 minute walk.

The daring will not stop. I now dare myself to continue walking and exercising, and will gradually step up the intensity as I feel better. I dare myself to keep this up all of January....and will come back and report to you how I do :).

Thanks again, Kay!