Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Calling for "Theme of the Month"

(This post by Sandeepa)

Let me first apologise for disappearing from the scene for so long. Unfortunately the "disappearing" act may continue due to some health reasons.

However I did feel the need to make a post to have the "Theme of the Month" at DMC go on. First let me thank Indo for having come up with a lovely theme for January. I have not been able to contribute for the December dare (which I really wanted to) or for this month either, but I did read the posts and thoroughly enjoyed them. I just lurked ;-)

Now I would like to have some volunteers for the next few months theme. Please leave a comment with the month you wish to take up.

Theme for Februray -- Initially I think Poppins Mom had volunteered. I will check with her.

Please volunteer for the next months. As ususal you can have any theme you fancy for a month.

Also I have been lagging in adding all those who have requested new membership. I will add you all as soon as possible.

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Asha said...

Hi Sandeepa, so good to hear from you. Yesterday, Meera asked how can she get into DMC. Hope she will be able to soon.
Take care and come back when you can. I did some "disappearing act" too but I am back now and taking it easy too. Hope all the members will participate in the theme one by one, not just me, Indo and few handful of others!:))
Get well soon, hugs to you.