Monday, February 25, 2008

A Great Mom (modesty, modesty,where are you?)

Time flies. It was only the other day that you WANTED to be a
mummy, are now the proud mother of a lovely 3.5 year
A-junior! The thought of Motherhood was never so difficult for you... you
always had the "very good with children" reputation. Wherever you
went, children just loved you, wanted to be with you, fed by you,
listen to your stories etc etc.You always loved children and
handled them well.
With that confidence in yourself you set forth on this way..little A was born.
The moment you heard him cry for the first time and held him in
your arms, all memories of a difficult pregnancy and delivery just
vanished like magic! This little thing was ALL YOURS!!With the help of a wonderfully supportive husband (A+) , you are doing great till date! Well done!

Like all other mothers, you love your son with all your life.
It is no filmy dialogue when you say that you feel the pain when he
gets hurt!(you automatically say OUCH),
You know that he is hungry or sad just by looking at his eyes(He need not say a word),
You know the silly little joke that makes him laugh (Currently he giggles if you imitate papas snoring),
You can EXACTLY understand what he says in his 3.5 year young mixed up language vocabulary (I am now fluent in a new language called DUNGLA ..Dutch+ Bangla),
You know when his stock of choco cookies are about to finish ,
You have said this story to him now for the 1087th time without feeling bored (he just loves this story....),
You know his innocently-crooked smile when he has done something wrong (Yesterday he stuffed the toilet with a full roll of tissue paper)
....and the list goes on...
let me tell you, this is no ordinary are doing are a wonderful mom.
Keep going...this is one such relation which asks for nothing in return..."parents love is unconditional".

PS: loosing temper once in a while is just NORMAL.....its your birth right!!


GettingThereNow said...

LOLing at "imitate papa's snoring" :D

And love the PS. Gives me some reassurance :P

mummyjaan said...

Great letter! Totally free of guilt - I loved it.

Lol at "Dungla" :)!

Sandeepa said...

ha ha...once in a while...thats it. You should see me, I loose it so often that my daughter has taken to drawing pics of me shouting :)

Dayeeta Roy said...

gettingtherenow: Papa is happy when A-junior imitates..not so happy when I do!!!..hihihi...;-)

mummyjan: guilt is dangerous..once you let it come in a starts flowing all over you...
;-))[no one has ever asked us to write this letter,,this one time, lets make it different]

sandeepa: Once in a while is a relative term (is it?)
Bottom line is there is no problem losing temper, if we can find it back!..which we moms do, right?