Tuesday, February 5, 2008


(Also posted on Dreaming in Suburbia)

What happens to our imagination as we grow up ? I mean, yeah, we keep imagining terrible life scenarios - you know the irrational "what if" questions - but creative imagination - what happens to that ?
The other day, my Kid drew a picture. Well, squiggled anyway. She had skies that were purple, and blue trees and yellow water. So I asked her why her colors were wrong. She looked up at me like I was crazy and told me that those were the right colors. That's how she wanted it to look. It just made me think, as we grow up, does our creative imagination slowly morph into whatever is the generally accepted public opinion ? (Sky has to be blue, trees have to be green etc). And does that extend to non-creative imagination as well ? I mean, do we, as adults with responsibilities ever really have thoughts or opinions that go against society's accepted norms ? (I'm talking about opposing society within reason here - NOT going-to-school-with-guns-to-fight-the-bully type things). More importantly, if they do exists in our heads, do we ever act on these ideas ? Aren't we supposed to call such people "crazy" ?
I've begun to believe that our creativity is slowly but surely replaced by cynicism as we grow older. Who has time to worry about whether the sky should be colored purple or blue in a world that confirms to Murphy's Law.
That's another reason why I'm thankful I have the Kid. For giving me a second chance to visit the lost places of my childhood, now buried somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind. Through her pictures. Through her innocence. Through her imagination.


Asha said...

Great post!! Kids these days don't have the time to dream or imagine like we uased to do in India in the "olden days" because they are too much into the fantasy world of video games unfortunately!!

Sandeepa said...

As we grow up we try to "conform to norms", to blend into I guess. So even if we secretly want to be a little crazy, we try to put on a prim front.

Kids thankfully are not bothered by such pressures and I am thankful for parents, teachers and schools who do not want to limit them to do so.

indosungod said...

Thought Provoking! Priya. In a way I am afraid of imagining and the path that will lead me :) I hate to conform but do it anyway to keep the peace with the world.

Five Spices said...

Nice post.I think our creative imagination has to wear the society MASK.I remember those lines of Rabindranath Tagore,"Kothai aamar harie jabar nei mana mone mone ".

priyainsuburbia said...

Thank you for your comments. I wish I was five again and not bothered about "fitting in" :-)

five spices - what do the bengali lines mean ? (sorry I don't know bengali)


mummyjaan said...

Priya, the beauty of having children is that you CAN be 'five' again :)! Just play along with the kid(s) and have fun.

Sheela said...

wonderful post, priya. as we grow, we are constantly trying to adapt, fit-in; plus, we have all this accumulated body of knowledge that tell us how things are and how things should be which helps us make sense of our world... Artists are lucky, they get to defy such rules through their passion :)

DR said...

Lovely theme indeed!
I have already started compiling the letter..
will surely post....

And I have a theme for March forming in my head...will come back soon if it finally takes form!


Mimi said...

Very thought-provoking post! It also made me sad as I realised I tend to fall into the mundane cycle of things to do these days and there is never enough time... to watch the skies, to jot down my thoughts or be creative in any form or fashion!
C'est la vie.