Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kids Crafts: Hand-print greeting cards

[posted by Sheela]

Hand prints are a simple way to engage the little toddlers in creating something fun. I am sure there are several ideas around the web, but, I wanted to share a couple that Ana and I enjoy -viz., hand-print peacock and hand-print butterfly.

kids crafts painting handprint hand-print hand print butterflykids crafts handprint peacock

Items used: acrylic paints/finger painting paints/tempera paints, glitter(optional), black marker, card stock paper, and of course, enthusiastic baby hands

I load the wee hands with paints of my choice sometimes; but, at times, I allow myself to be guided by Ana's whims and let her mess with the colors she likes.

It barely takes a minute to make the actual hand-print, but, the anticipation and preparation seems to build up the inspiration :)

Once the hand-prints are fairly dry, I just sketch the required body parts to suggest the creature we intended to present through the hand-print.

Around the holidays last year, we made hand-print turkey and hand+foot print moose (sorry, no pictures handy at this time).


mummyjaan said...

Sheela,those cards are great! Apya and I have been making a few cards for the family - this is an idea we must try out.

jacky said...

Ur idea of hand print is good.My daughter brought one from her school last week with her hand print like a flower and it was bordered well in black by her teacher i suppose. It was great and neat. But how do u manage to buy all these things? where can i get them at cheaper rates especially the "paints"?! and what do u use to keep the kids from not messing the carpet.. pls send in ur reply .This is Jai here.

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