Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A "love"ly theme for February

(This post is by Poppins of Babies Anonymous)

A long time ago I promised Sandeepa that I would do the theme for February. And then I promptly went and got pregnant and forgot all about it. Until the gentle nudge from her :) Meanwhile I see that there's another interesting theme for February already floated by Priya (of priyainsuburbia.wordpress.com)

Well why don't we do both?

Here's my idea and it seems especially appropriate this month. Write yourself a love letter. A real honest to goodness love letter about what a wonderful mother you are. What a wonderful job you're doing with your kid(s). Whether you've given up a career to take care of them or whether you're balancing a hundred eggs all at once, you KNOW you are doing a terrific job. Sure, there's always something that you could've done better. There's always something to feel guilty about. But in the end, you know that you've done your very best.

Why don't we Desi Momz, banish the G word (G=GUILT) from our lives (OK atleast this month) and give ourselves the best valentines' day card ever? Go on, write that post, tell us exactly what you love about your parenting style! What have you done for your child beyond the call of duty? Give yourself a pat on the back (and let us do the same)

While you're at it, why not make a valentines day craft project with your child? Tell your child it is for Mamma, and be prepared to be surprised by the super enthusiastic response !

Ready? Don't forget to use the label " Theme for February"


Tharini said...

That sounds cool! Something necessary, that's for sure. But the very idea of writing myself a love letter now seems ironic because of how much I have been chastising myself over being such a rotten mom. Maybe I need some 'love'! Will attempt both, the letter and being a loving mom!

Sandeepa said...

Thanks Poppins. Lovely Theme

priyainsuburbia said...

I LOVE this idea.

bird's eye view said...

I LOOVE this idea - it's superb. Us moms have a monopoly on guilt and constantly chastise ourselves for being rotten moms so it's a great idea to redress the balance. Thanks for thinking of it, Poppins!

Trishna said...

Oh Wow! I love both the themes.And Poppins,are you Pregnant again? Wow!!!!

Sheela said...

this is almost like a dare, like a challenge! thanks poppin's mom! very few of us moms like to let go of the guilt and give ourselves a pat on the back - now at least, I have an excuse, thanks to the Feb theme :)

Poppins said...

@All: Thanks you guys !

@Trishna, yes I am isn't it wonderful news ? ;)

mummyjaan said...

How come half the month is over and no-one has come up with a love letter to themselves?

Am I to believe that not one mommy on DMC could shake off her guilt?

TBH, I know I couldn't, but I was really, really hoping my fellow mommies would rise to it.

Please, anybody?