Monday, February 4, 2008

Travelling with a 2 yr old - Tips anyone ?

We are leaving to India tomorrow. No ! I am not really excited.. I am actually dreading it !
It is a very short trip and we will mainly be shuttling between my parents place and in-laws place, travelling to 4..oh no 5 temple towns.. for various reasons I cant really begin to explain now.. and all of it within less than 3 weeks time ! Just talking about it makes me tired !

We also have a 6 hr wait between the flight connections.. ! I am planning to carry some of Rishi's favorite books and toys but I doubt that will be enough.. Does anyone have any interesting ideas/tips to keep my really energetic little one entertained at the airport, on the flight and in all our road trips ?!

Update: Setting all of this apart, I am excited about being able to see my family, eat my mom's food and do a ton of shopping ;)


ARK said...

A portable DVD player always works for my energetic mini-me when my patience runs out. Also playdough and sometimes even aluminum foil to make shapes out of. All the best. Wishing you a wonderful vacation.

Poppins said...

Travelling with a 2 year old is not THAT hard ! They tend to find lots of exciting things to see and do and can burn a lot of energy just running around at the airport.

I've found that as long as you carry food with you wherever you go (because you can't depend on airlines and on finding food that your son likes on the road) you generally won't have too much trouble.

As for the road trips, what are granparents for? ;)

GettingThereNow said...

Buy a few small toys (Oh, OK! A lot of small toys - enough to fill a gallon size ziplock bag) that you give to him ONLY on the flight. Getting new toys on the flight should keep him occupied. And don't them to him all at once. Give out one at a time and wait till he gets tired of that. Apart form that - carry some extra snacks, a drawing pad and crayons, a CD man so he can listen to his "own" songs (if possible buy one and give it to him ONLY on the flight - the newness should be exciting for him), a few books. We did this when we went to India when S (my older one) was 2 years old. Worked for us!

bird's eye view said...

Traveling with a 2 year old is quite fun actually - we went to the US for a month when Chubbocks was 2 and a bit and he was fine. A few snacks that he's familiar with would be useful. Apart from that, he should be happy to be able to run around at the airport and stretch his legs, explore a new place. At Frankfurt airport, they have a nice playarea for kids, if you happen to be stopping there.

On the road-trips, just make sure to carry sick bags and lots of spare towels- the roads here are much bumpier than he has probably ever known!If you're a nervous-parent-type, like me, see if you can snag a car seat from a friend for him, because of the road condition, again.Apart from that, am sure he'll have lots to see and do, being spoilt by grandparents and sundry rellies and getting all kinds of new toys and eatables...